May 2020 Horoscope

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Construction and projects, this month is all about the future, let it be said! A planetary cluster in the earth sign, the Sun in Taurus, until the 20th, Mercury, until the 12th and Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus throughout the month, favor a powerful energy for implementing our various projects! The support of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius reinforces this idea of progress, in the long term, here the actions are tinged with a bit of genius, a good dose of planning. From the 15th, Mars changes sign and joins Neptune in Pisces: inspired action, coming from above, will feed in each of us a less concrete, more intuitive energy. The beautiful Venus, in Gemini, all month, announces an affective atmosphere easy and light, which suits the spring perfectly. On the 13th, Mercury goes into Gemini, the 21st, the Sun, will come to join these beautiful planets: love in sight?

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