Aquarius May 2020 Horoscope

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Now that the holding pattern seems to have broken you can get something accomplished. Balancing the personal and professional agendas can be easier if you find ways to enjoy both. Travel could be a good option—you know, mixing business with pleasure….
Staying active is easier and getting back to nature can be highly invigorating. You may feel a little tired, and allowing extra time to enjoy your rest may be just what you need. Calming activities like yoga or tai chi can add energy.
Love lifts your spirits, and you may be at ease creating something special for your sweetheart. Taking a different approach to family obligations adds enjoyment to the experience during the Moon on May 15, when you may even change some traditions. Romance fares best from May 1 to 9 and after May 22, and during the Moon on May 30 the flow of love can be delightfully overwhelming!
Business meetings, presentations, publications or advertising work to your advantage all month. Your ideas can set new trends, although a few misunderstandings from May 9 to 15 can create a glitch in forward progress. Travel plays a significant role, and you’re likely to cover unfamiliar terrain that inspires unusual possibilities. Because you like to be different this is right up your alley. Investments are highly promising after May 21.
Showcase your talents (you know there’s a part of you that loves the spotlight!). This is not time to hide your light.

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