Libra May 2019 Horoscope

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Money matters can be difficult, particularly joint finances. Your viewpoints may differ radically, and you may be tempted to rebel. Before you do, take a look at the big picture. Can you afford it? Getting to the core of physical problems may involve examining your psychological health. Repressed emotions can play a big part in your physical distress.

Concentrate on releasing useless emotional garbage. Addressing deeper issues within your relationship can either build a bridge to greater intimacy or may expose its weaknesses. Introspection about your own anxieties or issues around intimacy during the Moon on the 6th can spur you to make an attitude adjustment.

Travel can inspire you to open your mind, and may lead to exciting changes in your love life during the Moon on the 22nd, when your real turn-on is a feeling of true understanding. Until Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on the 8th you may feel uncertain about the best way to proceed with your financial plans.

A smoke screen, or just plain self-delusion, can block your ability to see the facts clearly until after the 14th, but some careful probing or research may expose the real problems. Since you're likely to change your mind about your priorities from the 22nd—27th, it's probably better to wait on major decisions, anyway. This is a great time to look beneath the surface. Research, investigation, and questioning work to your benefit in every circumstance.

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