Sagittarius May Horoscope

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People born under the sign of Sagittarius will be given a whole ocean of positivity, but this won't be a cornucopia by any means, but rather a natural result. In other words, in May Sagittarians will receive a lot, but only if they deserve it, if they decide to work hard and achieve what they want no matter what. This stage of life will be an ambiguous time in many ways, although the positive trends will beautify any relief. In the area of work, you can expect projects which will yield a profit now already. Broadly speaking, if you make a good effort at the start of the month, towards the end of the month you will significantly increase your income (or you will receive a significant once-off bonus). Venus, who will come onto your side together with the Sun, will also have a favorable influence on the sphere of personal relationships. In this regard many Sagittarians could start new relationships, which they have needed for a long time already. But you must understand that there is also another possibility. Unfavorably aligned Mercury could ruin all your plans if you lose vigilance at the critical moment.

In the work sphere in May 2017 the most important thing for Sagittarius is not to think small. Look ahead with clear eyes, evaluate your chances clearly, but evaluate them, don't underestimate them! In actual fact you have far more resources and opportunities than it seems to you, and it's in your best interests to use all this "good" to the max. Your planetary benefactors will neutralize particularly "zealous" enemies, freeing up the way for you. Don't take risks, but don't slow down unnecessarily, everything depends on you now. If you work for yourself, in May you can think about business growth. As already mentioned, there is a chance of short-term projects. This will be a good time for signing contracts and important agreements. On the other hand, if it involves a Sagittarius who does not work for himself, you should take into account the fact that work aspects will certainly not be the deciding factors. Your relationships with the management are perhaps slightly closer relationships than they should be, and this is what will be of paramount importance. Don't limit yourself - everything will work out for you. But remember Mercury's position, that is, try to resolve all matters diplomatically, without involving financial resources. If you decide to "bribe" somebody or put the emphasis on material resources, success could slip through your fingers.

For many Sagittarians the "romantic front" could be successful, but it must be said immediately that in this respect May 2017 tends towards extremely specific situations for your sign. First of all, don't rush to get involved on your friends' behalf. No, help in a difficult situation is sacred, but there is also such a thing as "justice"! Of course, this is an age-old choice, extremely difficult, but we face it often enough to have a clear and definite position on this matter. For married Sagittarians, the area of personal relationships will be extremely promising because right now their loved ones will understand many things. What kind of insight they can expect is an individual matter, but it's highly likely that the result will please you. So don't force developments, let people come to decisions on their own, and simply take your own safety measures - this will be enough. Single Sagittarians will have every chance of success, but only if they don't move towards familiarity, but instead decide to choose a discreet strategy. Mercury is unlikely to get in your way in this aspect, but the position of the moon could put obstacles in your way if you act too boldly or recklessly.

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Sagittarius May Horoscope
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