Scorpio May 2020 Horoscope

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Career progress stems from reaching an understanding with others who share your interests or ideals. Relationships can be a thorn in your side, although you may be tempted to lay low just to keep conflict to a minimum.
Inner work can help you get to the core of chronic distress, and you may even experience illumination from your dreams. Holistic approaches to health issues expand your options, and it’s crucial that you participate on a conscious level if you are to feel whole.
Spirituality and shared philosophical ideals strengthen the bonds of love, and may be the only salvation for an existing partnership if there’s been an undermining of trust. Take a careful look at what each of you wants during the Moon on May 15. If money matters seem to be a problem, dig deeper. They may signify a crisis stemming from lack of emotional support or acknowledgment of personal worth.
Presentations, business conferences, publishing and advertising show promise after May 9. By incorporating traditional or conservative values into your plans from May 1 to 15 you’ll make greater progress, and you may even be surprised at the latitude you gain as a result. Finances take top priority during the Moon on May 30, when situations beyond your control can wreck your plans.
Take the high road, even if others seem to be like lemmings falling from the cliffs of deception. Your ideals offer you protection.

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