Taurus May 2020 Horoscope

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Gathering momentum, you’re heading toward the realization of short- term goals, and you may be closer to manifesting a long-held dream. Concentrate on defining your priorities and staying with them.
Take an active role in your wellness — it makes a monumental difference. This is an excellent time to learn about your strengths, limitations, and needs and to initiate a positive program of self-improvement.
From May 1 through May 15 (the Taurus Moon) you’re more keenly aware of what you need from love, and you are in an excellent position to take the initiative in a relationship after May 15. What you want shows more easily on your face and in your body language. Now, that can work to your benefit — as long as you have some idea of what you’re communicating! Plan a short romantic getaway from May 9 to 23 to cement your bonds of love.
From May 1 to May 8 you’re likely to be inundated with ideas, plans, and schemes. But your time of strength is from May 9 to 22, when presentations, business travel, and meetings help you shape the directions you’ll be pursuing in the near future.
Your good business sense impresses others after May 9, when your ability to illustrate the importance of practicality helps bring everything into its proper perspective.
Imaginative ideas and creative or artistic expressions provide new inspiration and direction from May 24 through the Moon on May 30.

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