Aquarius November Horoscope

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Forecast November 2016

Intensity - that's the best word for the sentimental atmosphere or couple relationship in the first decanate of November 2016. The passionate tendency will be vigorous, but emotions complex and restless. Everything will be taken seriously; everything will be important and urgent, even radical sometimes. There will be no shades; images will only be white and black. A change for the better, a sort of re-launching into another vision can happen in the second decanate of November 2016, which will be the most active.

Optimism will come back in the last decanate.With Mars in your house of couples, you'll behave passionately, subjectively, anxiously and you'll tend towards exaggerate emotional reactions. If you want something, you want it right now and here, you'll tend to push things, to push the other one, to act risky, compromising your chances or situation. You should control your impulsiveness, because Mars is not only the planet of lust, but of war too. Be careful who you're going out with or who you're provoking, because there's the risk of aggression!

Competition and jealousy fits are other possible scenarios. November 2016 will be a fruitful month for your career and money. The Sun will light upon professional status, from which it beams favorably to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the financial area. Mercury and Mars will help you shine when in public, stand out in front of some groups through your ideas, initiative and spirit of decision.

November 2016 will be excellent for studies, for participating in trainings, symposiums and conferences, but also for launching a business or advancing. All doors are open for you!Career will be in a dynamic period. You'll look for success and you'll even try to support it by bold initiatives, sometimes even excessive. You'll interact with the others very energetically, and it can very well lead to advantageous associations or a very tough conflict. There are chances for new contracts or collaborations, but they will prove to be stressful and irritating. Lack of measure can negatively take its toll on your finances. You've had better periods.

It can't be said that you'll be threatened by any diseases, but you won't be in your best shape either. However, you'll be so busy, that you won't probably notice anyway. You could use some vitamins, relaxing tea, more and better sleep. And, of course, a better scheduled agenda.Under no circumstances can you complain about not being energetic. On the contrary, you seem to have an excess difficult to deal with and you might find yourself in a continuous state of over stimulation. The dangers lurking around you will only come out of your own imprudence and tendency towards excesses.

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Aquarius November Horoscope
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