Aquarius November Horoscope

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The T-square discussed last month is still in effect this month. Many areas of life have to balanced, co-ordinated and harmonized. Like last month, the conflicts involve career, love, family, friendships, personal desires and finance. The T-square weakens by the 22nd, so things are getting easier, but it is still in effect all month. Like last month, most of the planets are above the Horizon.

Your 10th House of Career is still very strong. Family members, though hesitant, seem supportive of your career goals. Favours still come from on high. Pay rises or promotions are still likely. Though you have conflicting interests, your career will probably dominate. Like last month, the planets are mostly in the East and Uranus, your Ruler, goes forward on the 4th. Confidence, independence and self-esteem are even stronger than last month. Push forward towards your goals. You have no one to please but yourself. If you are pleased, the world will be pleased. The tensions you see around you are only reflecting your own tensions and displeasure. There is a Grand Trine in your native Air element all month.

This is Aquarius heaven. As mentioned previously, this enhances your already strong intellect and communication ability. This month there are no planets in Earth (practicality) Signs – you will have to force yourself to get ‘grounded’ and not to float off into space. Ideas are wonderful, but always keep in mind the practical consequences of them. The Grand Trine in Air involves your Financial Planet, Neptune, which now is moving forward. This brings ‘easy’ money, financial windfalls and much financial opportunity.

Your gift of the gab, along with your physical appearance, is money in the bank. Finances are complicated by an inner conflict between prestige and cold cash. Which is more important to you? Would you rather make less money, or sacrifice earnings for greater prestige, or the reverse? Compromise. Though your financial judgement is much stronger these days – no planets in Earth complicates things. Research purchases more carefully – comparison shop – or better yet wait till next month when there is more Earth in the Horoscope.

Love is happy this month but will get happier after the 22nd. Until the 22nd love seems more practical – you are attracted to those who are either of high status or powerful. You like people who can help your career. But after the 22nd you are back to your idealistic self – friendship and camaraderie are important in love.

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Aquarius November Horoscope
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