Aries November Horoscope

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Aries Forecast November 2016

In November 2016 important things will happen in your relationships. All social relationships will probably undergo changes, experience new parameters or end/start a new cycle. All this will particularly be true for love and marriage. Venus will start its retrograde movement in your house of couples on November 8th 2016, and on November 18th will resume its straight movement in the same house, where it'll stay until the end of November 2016. You'll probably cut to the chase regarding a situation that was on your mind in the period August 7th - September 7th 2016.

Anyway, the second and the third decanate of November 2016 (especially the third decanate) will bring you higher sentimental availability, but also greater capacity to seduce. Enjoy! Saturn in the house of couples is not the most favorable position, let alone if it makes a square with Pluto... You'll be going through a frustrating period. There seems to be an incongruity, some out-phasing or a kind of indifference. The environment will be burdening. It could also be external enmities that might challenge your relationship.

The sexual appetite will be tremendous and immediate, but even if you find the physical satisfaction, the sentimental fulfillment will not come. With Mars in Leo, in the house of representation, promotion initiatives will have results, though you'll be inclined to overestimate it. Collaborations might get into a deadlock. Even if you get admiration for your qualities as a leader and organizer, the others might not appreciate your dominating manner in which you're trying to impose yourself. You might feel the urge to invest or to start bigger financial operations.

Risky procedures can be failures though. And you'll be spending too much.The Venus' influences will leave their mark on collaborations and contracts as well: starting over, new proposals - in more advantageous terms, this time. Particularly interesting will be long trips or long distance contacts. Intelligence and communication can help you speculate this type of circumstances favorably. If you study, have exams or do scientific or cultural work, success is sure to come.

Career, generally speaking, will be the focus mobilizing your ambition and determination. Pluto will make a conjunction with the North Node precisely in your house of career! And Pluto has set its mind on three things: power, control and money. You desperately need exercising. It's a priority. The developing Mars-Jupiter opposition will release much energy that, used inappropriately, can lead to reckless behavior causing accidents, financial or legal troubles.You'll be in a good shape. Your ruler, Mars, will be very comfortable in Sagittarius, where it has been since October 28th: optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic. It'll help you get over the period in which the Sun will cross your house of crises and anxieties. However, you'll get maximum vigor in the last decanate of November 2016, when you'll be at your best. There will be a potential problem in this period, though: insomnia and inner restlessness.

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Aries November Horoscope
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