Aries November Horoscope

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The current lull in a relationship can be the ‘pause that refreshes’ if you handle it right. Give your spouse, partner or lover space. Review your relationship and see where things can be improved. Many marriages and love affairs are being tested now. The dark side is being seen. They will either transform and renew themselves on another level or they will end. Like last month, prosperity is about helping others prosper. Putting another’s financial interests ahead of your own is not an easy thing, but it will work magic in your life.

This is also a good time to pay off some debts, cut costs and eliminate financial waste (as it was last month). With much power in the 8th House this month it is also a good period for getting rid of excess possessions, clutter and negative character traits. Bad financial or love habits are also more amenable to correction this period. With Venus in Scorpio in the 8th House, many of you will prosper by seeing value where others see only ‘junk’.
Thus a troubled company or a seemingly worthless plot of land or artefact can bring profits to you. There is value there for those who know where to look. Most of the planets are still in the Western (social) sector of the Horoscope. The trends written of in past months are still in effect – don’t try to force things, or have your way. Flow with life. Cultivate the social graces and the favour of other people. Avoid power struggles. Adjust to circumstances.

This is no time to go it alone. The upper half of the Horoscope continues to be the most powerful. Focus on career and your ambitions in the world. Let home and family issues slide for a while – you won’t be able to ignore them completely, but you can de-emphasize them. Saturn, your Career Planet, is retrograde all month. This won’t block career progress, only throw delays into it. Still, planning career moves or strategies is very useful and productive these days.

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Aries November Horoscope
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