Cancer November Horoscope

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope Forecast November 2016

The square between Saturn and Pluto seems to lay some considerable pressure on home and marriage. Or on relationships, if you have a stable one, even if it's not official. You'll have the tendency to take things too hard. You can find fulfillment, though, in a new love or inhibition-free sexuality. Sex could even have a therapeutic role, making tension dissipate and smoothing dissensions.Something will change - for the better!

The Sun will light upon your house of love and eroticism, and Mars will set the ruler of your house of couples in motion. With both houses dealing with relationships so strongly energized, you'll either start a new sentimental relationship, or revitalize the old one. Another version is that you and your partner will join efforts to reach a common goal.

If you've had rather weird love stories in the past weeks, you should be let known that things will stop for a while, and clarifications are to take place in December. Money is on top of preoccupations. In the professional area, things tend to get hectic, and the purpose seems to be still pecuniary. Things will fall in their places in the second part of the month and especially in the last 10 days of November 2016 that can be a successful period. With Mars and Jupiter on the axis of finances (for you, Leo-Aquarius), there might occur high earnings, but there's also the risk of some losses or unplanned expenses.

Don't rush into anything, don't speculate!You'll have a lot of work capacity, you'll get actively involved in carrying though your tasks, but as soon as you finish them, you'll get some more work to do, more important, more urgent - and so on. It'll be a full, stressful and tiring period, but you'll be able to do a lot of things if you plan them carefully and assess your resources thoroughly. All sorts of activities will be favored now: physical, intellectual and creative. You might get special opportunities for studies, culture or relationships abroad.

You'll be inclined towards imprudence, accidents and acute diseases that will worsen throughout November 2016, the last 10 days being the most risky. Psychically, you'll feel comfortable though. You know how to spend time pleasantly, which will be relaxing.You'll have a lot of energy that might cause troubles, unless put into constant effort. There's a risk of damage on account of excesses, haste or imprudence.

Caution especially in the second part of November 2016! Another enemy of yours will be stress. Mental tension can be exhausting, so that you'd better try to rest and relax by simple means: reading, massage, music, dancing, gymnastics, etc.

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Cancer November Horoscope
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