Cancer November Horoscope

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Many planets in your 5th House might complicate finances (but only temporarily), but you don’t seem to mind. The joy of life is more important than money these days, and this joy carries you. True, you might be overspending on leisure time activities and toys (adult and children’s), but isn’t that what money is for?

This is a month for personal pleasure, entertainment and enhanced creativity. True, you may not know where you are going in a given relationship, but you and your spouse or lover can still have some fun while you’re figuring things out. Enjoy the party now, for come the 22nd it’s back to work. Like last month the planets are still below the Horizon. Continue to focus on the home, family and the enjoyment of same. Mars is still in your 4th House all month and it is still a good time for heavy construction or renovations if you need these things. Might be better, though, to schedule them after the 21st when Venus goes forward again. Children and children’s issues go well this month.

You get on with them better than usual – perhaps because you feel like a child yourself and can relate to them on their level. Those of you in the creative or performing arts will have a banner month.
This month there is an abundance of the Water element. If anything, people are hypersensitive and easily hurt – what a turnaround! Many of the things you’ve been counselling and urging all these months are now coming to pass.

You are back in style. Like last month most of the planets are in the Western, social sector of your chart. Continue to put other people first, cultivate their graces and seek consensus in all that you do. Good comes from others and their good graces. The Cosmos uses all kinds of instruments to bring good to you – sometimes you are the instrument and sometimes other people are.

You are in a period where other people are. Avoid power struggles and self-will as much as possible. Charm will win the day where brute force fails. Strong tendencies to speculate before the 22nd should be resisted. After the 22nd is a much better time for these things than before. Wealth can be enhanced through creativity and creative projects. Professional investors should study toys and the gaming industry – especially troubled companies in these industries. Finances improve considerably after the 22nd. Job-seekers have great success then too. Love is clarifying after the 21st when Venus goes forward. It is still not perfectly clear, but clearer than before. Funand- games types of relationships and opportunities are abundant. Serious love needs time.

November Horoscope

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Cancer November Horoscope
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