Capricorn November Horoscope

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Uranus, your Money Planet, moves forward on the 4th – a positive financial signal – which improves your financial judgement and releases stalled projects and deals. The only problem is there are no planets in Earth this period, and this too affects your financial judgement. Being a Capricorn, your financial judgement will always be good, but it can affect the judgement of those you deal with – especially friends.

They might prevail upon you to make ill-considered purchases or investments. Study these things more carefully. The Grand Trine in Air all month enhances earnings, but it also makes people unreasonably optimistic. When people are overly optimistic they borrow more or could prevail on you to borrow more. Since outside capital comes easily there is a danger of overdoing it. I expect prosperity this month, but keep the above warning in mind. Prosperity increases even further after the 22nd. Like last month, the planets are marching Eastward.

This is still very much the time to take the initiative in life and create things your way. The world will adapt to you rather than vice versa. You know best this period. Hear others out – be polite – but follow your own path.
Though you are ‘out of style’ and your virtues go unrecognized – perhaps are considered old-fashioned and stodgy – this is still a happy month. Most of the planets above the Horizon put you in Capricorn heaven – as it gives you the interest, inclination and energy to pursue career goals.

Important career developments are happening behind the scenes and should go forward after the 21st, when your Career Planet moves forward. Avoid major career decisions until then. Use this period (until the 21st) to perfect career goals, plans and projects. Then move forward after the 21st. Career is enhanced through networking, being active in organizations, knowing the right people and through upgrading your technology.

The Grand Trine in Air (communication) lasts all month. It brings easy prosperity, personal pleasure, sensual delight and strong self-esteem. On the other hand it brings too much loose talk – and you need to be careful about taking much of this too seriously. Spirituality and spiritual issues become ultra-important after the 22nd. A good period to seek some seclusion, to learn to enjoy your own company, to meditate and indulge in healthy introspection. Charities and charitable functions are more important then.

Love is status quo-ish. I read this as a good signal. Most of you are where you want to be in that department and have little need to make important changes. A love affair (not a marriage) goes forward on the 21st. Romantic opportunities come at organizations and group activities – perhaps through the introduction of friends.

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Capricorn November Horoscope
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