Capricorn November Horoscope

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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Forecast November 2016

One couldn't say love is one of the priorities. You'll be more preoccupied with things of a more practical nature, such as the professional status or the material situation. If you already have a steady relationship, you'll have many opportunities to have fun with your partner, at various pleasant reunions.

If you're single, socializing will supply good opportunities to meet somebody who might mean something to you. You cannot pride yourself on a steady and/or fulfilled sentimental life yet. It's true that the period might not be favorable either, but you should consider that your standards might be a bit too high. Maybe you're expecting more of your partner than they can give or than it's reasonable to expect. And maybe you yourself don't have too much to offer in November 2016, when your career seems to be the priority. Things will slowly get better.

The last decanate of November 2016 will already bring some improvement. Career and/or social status will undergo a tense period. You'll have lofty aspirations but you'll also have obstacles or delays. There'll be situations forcing you to become aware of the need to have solid professional and even personal aims. You'll need tenacity and strategy to get where you want to or a change of vision to cope with your obligations and limits better. You can benefit from support, but not interest-free. The financial sector will be very active, but very risky as well. High expenses are in store for you, so keep some reserves!

The social status, rank and professional prestige will still be the major focus in your life. You'll keep making efforts and building. An initiative you started in the summer of 2016 and which you had almost given up hoping for, will come back to attention, this time in a more promising form. The good outcome of it will probably become obvious towards the end of November 2016. Your popularity will be growing, you'll be perceived as a competent and respectable person, but also as a nice company, and social relationships will be extremely useful to reaching your objectives. You need relaxation.

Too much tension is of no good for you. Try not to work overtime or take work home, but to spend your free time resting or having fun with friends. Have a massage, drink some anti-stress tea, use lavender salts when bathing, eat bananas, take magnesium!The recent over solicitation will take its toll. You'll get tired very easily; your body won't be as resistant to diseases. It's time you took better care of yourself, rest as much as you are supposed to and generally have a healthier lifestyle. Try not to get a cold, have your vaccine done, avoid people with catching diseases and cut down to the maximum the use of toxins (tobacco, alcohol, etc.).

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Capricorn November Horoscope
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