Gemini November Horoscope

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OK, you’ve had your holiday. Extending the party now would cut into your job and work responsibilities. Health and work are the dominant themes this month. Like last month, the planetary power is overwhelmingly in the West. Remember what was written last month, as the trend continues. This is not a period for making new conditions, but for adjusting to the conditions already created.

This month the planets are shifting from the lower hemisphere to the upper hemisphere of your chart. This happens as a process and not all at once. A ‘cusp’ situation. When the shift is complete, by next year, career and outer ambitions will again become intense. In the meantime, try to balance between urges for emotional harmony and your outer ambitions; between home and family responsibilities and your career. Career is bittersweet this month.

You’re working hard and the boss seems hard to please. The jobs you need to do seem to take you further away from your life’s work and goals. Perhaps you are given some assignment that is not in line with your inner career goal. Stick to it, though: your career is still on track and all difficulties are temporary. Health is good and seems important this month.

Health and exercise regimes go well – and could be so interesting as to distract you from your career focus. Detox and weightloss regimes go particularly well. There will be a Grand Trine in your native element of Air all month – remember our discussion of previous months. Many planets in Scorpio make this an excellent month for in-depth psychology and the cleansing of addictions and negative character traits. Rest and relax more after the 22nd. Love is active and important this month. There are stresses until the 22nd, which come from your devotion to work. Perhaps your lover or spouse feels slighted. Balancing love and work is difficult.

The Sun’s move into your House of Love and Venus moving forward on the 21st brings improvement. By the 22nd singles will have many love opportunities, and marrieds will be more romantic in their existing relationships. Parties and social gatherings increase. You are popular, as you go out of your way to please friends and the beloved. Geminis are devoted lovers these days. Finance is status quo. A Lunar Eclipse on the 28th is kind to you. It mostly affects your spiritual life. Those on the spiritual path will either change teachers or meditation regimes – a crisis leading to new growth. Those of you involved in charitable giving, philanthropy, etc. will make changes there.

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Gemini November Horoscope
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