Gemini November Horoscope

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Gemini Forecast November 2016

You'll get quite hot in November 2016. If it's about a new passion, it doesn't look bad: you'll express your feelings convincingly, you'll be brave enough to take the offensive and you'll look very sexy in the eyes of the opposite sex. But Mars' transit through your house of couples can have other connotations as well, less pleasant: disputes, jealousy fits, the tendency to be possessive or an irritated partner, who's lacking patience and can get aggressive at one point. Even verbally, there are two sides of the coin: one reflects persuasion and wit, and the other, acid attacks and strong controversies.The passionate but careless Mars will head towards the opposition with Jupiter, who will organize your relational life.

Something seems to get ample, and it can be a new love or partnership stress. In the first part of November 2016, professional obligations can affect your private life, because of the free time deprivation and trouble-generating over-solicitation. The situation will constantly improve after November 15th 2016. The Sun will go through your house of work and will make a splendid trine with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your house of fame and success. Moreover, Jupiter, the ruler of your house of success, will resume its straight movement. The dream of reaching certain goals may come true. Beside that,

November 2016 will be favorable to showing your talents and promoting your own image, products, brand, etc. You'll put your heart and invest a lot of energy into some collaboration or into signing a contract. Beware, though: there can be some misunderstandings related to studies, courses, trainings, business trips or long-distance collaborations, and you might have to face competition, rivalry or enmities.Your profession will demand a lot of your energy and you'll have to face major solicitation, but you can accomplish special things. An unexpected career opportunity can pop up at any time, so get ready to take it positively. Financially, something won't go as scheduled: there will be some obstacles, restrictions or delays. Trips, information or studies seem to get a particular perspective.

 In the second half of November 2016, there'll be an increase in the importance of contracts, of collaborations and teamwork. In the first week of November 2016, retrograde Venus can cause you troubles: infections, food poisoning, cystitis or renal ailments, hypo or hyperglycemia, varicose veins or skin problems. After November 8th, problems will get scarcer; you'll even be able to solve a health problem. November 2016 will be stimulating for diets, body and beauty care as well.With a New Moon and a lot of transits through the house of health, there'll probably be a stronger preoccupation for health. It might not be related to disease, but rather to an interest in the lifestyle, eating habits, diets, supplements or body hygiene. It'll be a good period for cosmetic treatments.

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Gemini November Horoscope
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