Leo November Horoscope

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Leo Monthly Horoscope Forecast November 2016

In November 2016 you'll have a few weeks full of action. The energetic Mars will cross your house of passion and sexuality, stimulating your ardor, desire to conquer, the erotic impulse. As it wants immediate and concrete results, Mars will monitor you properly. Moreover, since the ruler of the couple relationships itself, Saturn, is good friends with Mars, your seduction campaigns will be successful. What you'll say or write will have a great impact on your sentimental life, and the mysterious aspects, forbidden, exotic or taboo, of sexuality will be even more attractive to you in this period.Having had Mars in Leo since the middle of the previous month already, you'll constantly be in an over energetic state of intense and passionate experiences, of enhancing lust and eroticism.

All emotions will be very live, and impulses very urgent. You'll instantly react to any provocation and you'll enjoy provoking, hunting, conquering. The problem is that the developing opposition between Mars and Jupiter will give birth to excessive reactions and to tendencies towards rush gestures or imprudence. Be careful, don't get into trouble! November 2016 will firstly stand out through a stronger material component. It's possible that some extra income, gifts or goods will come by means of side sources (family, collaborations, etc.)

The probability of investing in your home or in something related to patrimony or real estate is very high. Career itself, in terms of status and prestige, will be set free following a decision, a negotiation, an intellectual accomplishment, promising satisfactions especially for the last decanate of November 2016.The same Mars that stirs your passions up will monitor you professionally. You'll be going through a period (that will last for a good few months!) of ambition and initiative, action and efficiency.

The competitive spirit will be catalyzed, the leader abilities will manifest energetically. Now more than ever, you want to prove who you are and what you can achieve. Instinctively, you'll tend to mark your influence territory, even if this means having small wars at the barrier. Aspirations will be high, sometimes too high. Financially, you'll face the risk of waste and of hazardous actions.You have no limits. You're ready to take risks without thinking of dangers or consequences. If no prudence at all is shown, you can find yourself in the middle of a conflict or as the victim of an accident. Excesses can harm you right now or there can be later consequences.

You'd better pay more attention to your health. You'll be in a great mood and have a lot of energy, so that you'd better do some sport or any other kind of physical effort to use the surplus. The adrenaline will be at higher levels, asking for excitement and challenges. In brief, your vitality will be excellent.

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Leo November Horoscope
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