Libra November Horoscope

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Libra Monthly Horoscope Forecast November 2016

With the ruler of your house of couples, Mars, in the burning Leo, heading towards the opposition with Jupiter, you won't lack challenges, nor action. The affective need will be very big, and the temptation of adventure will lure you, especially since the ruler of your sign, Venus, will also be caught in the whirl, right in the middle of the two. You may have exacerbated emotions and desires that threaten to get out of control.

There's also the risk that you seriously damage your equilibrium and peace, but it seems that this is what you really want.Finally, things will clear up. If you've had a complicated sentimental life in the past months, or troubled by them, November 2016 will probably settle some things for you. In the second week of November 2016, the focus will be on problems. Then, sentimental intensity and focalization will be at their peak in the third week. Only in the last decanate will things take a normal direction, most probably the one you wish for. Communication and shared intellectual interests will have a major impact on the relationship.

It's possible that you'll already start feeling the burdening presence of Saturn: some difficulty, a restriction or a responsibility that won't let you act as you wish, moreover, it'll drastically take away of your good mood. Professionally, you'll be very motivated by the financial aspect. The opportunity of earning money will mobilize your efforts, and efforts bring money. In this regard you'll be very resourceful. November even promises to bring money, presents and other material advantages.

November 2016 will be a successful month for Librans. It'll have all the necessary ingredients for success: work capacity, enthusiasm and creativity, initiative and determination, plus a lot of dynamism. Above all, your personal charm will help you too. It is now that you can put into practice ideas and projects you've been thinking of for a long time and do thousands of things to get where you want. And, to your great satisfaction, you'll put good money aside! Even if Saturn has entered Libra, physically you'll have enough resources to feel ok.

Mars and Jupiter will take care of that. Psychologically, it's not excluded that you'll feel tense or you'll experience some anxiety that might somehow be related to a domestic issue, or to real estate or parents. You'll be in a very good shape, both physically, and psychically. The mood, relatively good at the beginning of November 2016, will gradually improve, until you reach perfection in the last decanate. It'll be a very favorable period for health procedures, and the second part of November 2016 will support procedures related to your look: diets, gymnastics, beauty care, even cosmetic surgeries.

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Libra November Horoscope
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