Libra November Horoscope

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The Grand Trine in Air, your native element, written of last month will continue all of this month. Remember our previous discussion. Most of the planets are still below the Horizon, and your Family Planet, Saturn, receives beautiful aspects. The emotional comfort zone is easily found – now your job is to stay there and live from there.

Family issues are happier than they’ve been most of the year – they’re not perfect, but much improved Job-seekers still have great aspects – likewise those who employ others. Finances are strong all month. Venus going forward on the 21st is a further boost.

This is a month for applying new technology and new innovation to your financial affairs – a period for experimenting and tinkering – either with your portfolio or with your strategies. Computers and computer programmes help you financially too. Professional investors should look at high-tech industries, cosmetics, perfumes, telecommunications and fashion.
With Mercury now forward and with many planets in your 3rd House of Communication, sales, marketing, media activities, teaching and writing go well and boost earnings. Trading goes well too. Money will come from friends, through friends, and through organizations to which you belong – especially after the 22nd.

This is a month for putting your finances in order and for writing those letters and reading those books that you haven’t got round to doing. It is a month for domestic travel and for taking advantage of educational opportunities that come your way. For you, more than most, information is both power and money. With no planets in Earth this month (except for the Moon, and that only occasionally) the danger is in unrealistic financial plans. In theory your spending and plans are beautiful, but practical life is often quite different than theory. This is not only a lesson for you, but for the world at large. Most of the planets are still in the East and Mars is still in your Sign all month.

You have plenty of energy, will and dynamism to have things your way – to have life on your terms. By all means, go for it. Mars in your Sign (as he was last month) is giving you sex appeal and the energy to excel in athletics or exercise programmes. Love is basically happy and your beloved continues to go out of his or her way to please you. Love comes to you and there is nothing special you need to do. Friendships go well this month – but better after the 22nd than before. New friends are coming this month.

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Libra November Horoscope
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