Pisces November Horoscope

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This is a happy and successful month, Pisces – enjoy. Most of the planets are still above the Horizon, and your 10th House of Career gets strong later in the month. By all means continue your career focus and let emotional and domestic issues slide for a while (as much as possible). You have to seize the moment now. Positive career progress is happening. A pay rise, promotion or some personal coup is likely. Your social connections are fostering progress.

You have the favour of those in authority. Perhaps you are given a new and exciting assignment. This month the planets are shifting from the West to the East. The process is not yet complete and you are in a ‘twilight’ – cusp – situation. Neither here nor there. Personal independence is increasing but you are not yet able to ‘go it alone’. You have to balance between self-assertion and compromise and consensus.

A month-long Grand Trine in Air brings personal pleasure and friendship. Almost no Earth in the Horoscope shows a need to keep both feet on the ground as you enjoy your success. Watch your spending and try not to abandon all sense of structure or organization.
Though there is little interest in these things, God is still in the details. Like last month, this is a month for travelling, higher education and religious experience. Principles of health,communication, logic and love are being revealed to you. Many of the ‘whys’ of these things are being indicated. Love is very happy. Singles are allured by exotic foreigners or by people of different religious and cultural backgrounds. Foreign travel not only brings business success, but love opportunities as well. (It seems good for your health, too.) A foreign trip with your beloved will enhance a current relationship.

There is much mingling with people of high status and position. Singles might find love opportunities at the office, with a boss or superior. Two things interest you in love these days: one, you want someone you can respect and look up to, two, someone you can learn from and who can help you achieve your mission in life. Your health is good now, but rest and relax after the 22nd. A healthy career seems as important as your physical health.

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Pisces November Horoscope
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