Pisces November Horoscope

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope Forecast November 2016

Sentimental relationships will mainly happen on the base of spiritual-cultural affinities. The distance factor will be involved in one way or another: you might find love on a trip or the person dear to you might be away or forced to go away. Or are you by any chance considering a romantic, private trip? Emotions will be intense, and your sentimental interest very focused, with potential impact on work or current responsibilities.

There'll be a sort of enthusiasm in the couple, as if both partners were involved in accomplishing something together, a higher goal or initiative that could bring them a better status or more fame. Another version would be that on your efforts of conquering are aimed at a person you admire, a person who distinguishes herself/himself by talents or performances or who's part of the elite. And the worst scenario is that in which the career and the relationship collide negatively leading to disputes or separation.

November 2016 will bring work under pressure, obligations and emergencies. The professional sector will be over tense. You'll be efficient and you'll be able to accomplish special things now, because it's time for decisive actions that will require energy and courage. But you'll need discipline and rigor. A refractory attitude can be sanctioned by the superiors, and haste and carelessness imply the risk of work tools breaking down or even of accidents during work. Financially, there can be tension or deadlocks. Saving and prudence are recommended.

November 2016 will be very fruitful professionally and financially. Money and prestige will mutually stimulate: if you set your mind on gaining appreciation and influence you'll implicitly earn money as well, and if you start an action aiming at earning money, you'll also gain more authority. Trips, foreign countries (and generally, locations different from the one you were born in) or working from a distance will bring opportunities.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces, strongly supported by other planetary configurations, would like to offer you the best at the end of 2016. Attention to over solicitation, because your body can react negatively to stress! Infections, inflammations, acute fits will find appropriate environment to manifest. It'll be a good period for medical check-ups and even for dental or surgical interventions, if necessary.

You'll be in full action; everything will work at full capacity. No health problems foreseen. However, there'll be a tendency towards excesses (especially food-related, but not only) that can cause some troubles, extra weight being one of them. You should exercise in this period, not only to burn the fattening calories, but also the extra energy that you'll have.

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Pisces November Horoscope
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