Pisces November 2019 Horoscope

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Now, you're getting somewhere. Your efforts are paying off, and you're experiencing greater rewards from your work. Well, it's about time! Community activities or projects give you a chance to shine.

Enroll in a fitness class, get involved in team sports, or get together with a friend to improve your physical fitness. You're craving energy, and may feel like doing whatever you must to gain more.

Spending time with friends can be especially enjoyable, and may even have a positive influence on your love life. But there can be a crisis in a friendship mid-month, which may be due to a difference in values. Talk it over, and try to avoid blaming games.

Family needs extra attention after the 23rd, and you may reach an understanding on important issues during the Moon on the 29th. Keep an open mind.

Special interest groups or political activities can take a lot of your time, and you may even experience advances in your career due to your efforts. Although finances may improve, there are likely to be obligations that require a significant output on your part after the 17th. Carefully assess your budget, especially on business projects, and be sure to have a little extra cushion for the unanticipated.

Get involved. Take advantage of the chance to travel with your work, to be active in community affairs or to take a stand.

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