Sagittarius November Horoscope

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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Forecast November 2016

Emotions will remain in an obscure area. Maybe you'll feel you're not able or it's useless to confess them, maybe they'll blossom in the garden of a secret love or they'll only happen in your imaginary universe. Or perhaps you'll be expecting something of the person you love that won't show up... No matter what the situation is, there's a limit, an interdiction or some frustration. Some disclosure will take place between 10th and 20th of November 2016. But you'll be able to really enjoy love no sooner than the following month, in December.

Mars, the planet of passion and sexuality, will meet the ruler of your house of couples in your sign. It's a very active configuration that energizes sentimental life very much. You'll attract, provoke, and conquer. You'll have a period in which getting the person you want by your side will pose no problem. On the other hand, Mars can also lend you a sort of impulsiveness that can generate tense situations, especially in the last part of November 2016. Jealousy and rivalry can be part of the picture. Trips, communication and studies will be at their peak, will get your attention focused and will tend to attract events. Beware of what you say, write or sign! Some troubles occurred from mysterious reasons can question success at one point. Business and finances don't go with friendship, so you'd better not let them mix!Initiative, dynamism, ambition and the leader spirit will all be working in November 2016.

The presence of the ruler of your house of career in Sagittarius will focus your attention on career, and Mars will help you dare, fight, advance. There will be good signs as regards the others' availability to support you, to ease the way to your aim, and somebody who promised to support you some time ago, we'll remember it. Money doesn't seem to be any problem in November 2010. There'll probably be an investment in the home. You'll be in a period of minimum physical resistance, in which you'll need more rest and a more balanced lifestyle. Vulnerability at catchy diseases, poisoning and breathing ailments will rise.

And you'll be slightly prone to depression, which is not a characteristic thing to you. You'd better avoid or cut down on substances that are not good for you and lead to addiction: cigarettes, alcohol, medicines, etc.With Mars on your side, you'll feel stronger, more powerful. The problem is that the same Mars lending you so much power will predispose you to imprudence and haste, therefore implicitly to risks of accidents or injuries. By its hot nature, Mars also deals with fever, infections, inflammations or burns.

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Sagittarius November Horoscope
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