Sagittarius November Horoscope

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Power in your own Sign of Sagittarius (after the 19th), a month-long Grand Trine in Air and a Grand Trine in Fire on the 15th and 16th make for a successful, harmonious and happy month. Enjoy. This month and next month, the short-term planets will be in their maximum Eastern position.

This increases your sense of independence, courage and confidence even more than last month. Personal power and personal magnetism are increased. You can and do have things your way now. Take the opportunity to build a wonderful life for yourself. Others will adapt to you. You have more than your usual leadership ability. You believe in yourself – and this is a powerful lever for success. With 80 to 90 per cent of the planets moving forward, there is great momentum in your life and progress towards your goals is rapid. Your spiritual life has been strong for some years now.

This month it is even stronger than usual – as your 12th House is the strongest in the chart until the 22nd. You can expect prophetic dreams and visions, ESP experiences galore, and a general increase in your psychic abilities. Your imagination is unusually strong – your main challenge is to direct it positively. A good period for seclusion and introspection – for review of the past and consideration of the future – for clearing out old guilt, fears, lapses – for confession and correction of sin and error. As the month begins, most of the planets are above the Horizon of your chart.

Thus your interest is still very much directed towards the outer world and outer success. But this is changing by the 22nd as the short-term planets start to energize the lower half of the chart. Emotional and family issues will start becoming more important. Success becomes meaningless if you can’t feel right about yourself and your life. By the 22nd you are very much into personal fulfilment and sensual pleasure. Sensual fantasies (keep them positive) will get fulfilled this period.

This is very much a month for the ‘good life’ – indulge, but don’t over-indulge. It’s OK to spend on yourself, but don’t overspend. With Saturn retrograde all month and no planets in Earth, your practical judgement could be better – research all purchases and investments carefully. Love is getting better and better. Love pursues singles this period. Someone you meet at a charity function or at a meditation retreat or as you volunteer your services (or perhaps someone you’ve seen in a dream) now comes into your life in a physical and tangible way. Nothing you need to do to attract love – just don’t do anything to obstruct it.

Your image and personal appearance are changing in positive ways. You dress more expensively – you wear high-status clothing or jewellery – you dress more stylishly. Foreign travel seems more likely. There is an expansion or redecoration of your room or office – the place in your home where you spend most of your time. Health is fabulous and seldom have you looked better.

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Sagittarius November Horoscope
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