Scorpio November Horoscope

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Ambitions are still strong until the 22nd, but after that the balance of planetary power is decisively below the Horizon. You are in a new era now. Presumably career goals have been attained or are on the way to attainment; now you want some of the fruits of career success – a sense of having a home base, a happy family life, the right feelings, nurturing and the like.

You want the emotional happiness, the respect in the home and with family members, that career success should bring. Not an easy thing to accomplish this month, but you can make a beginning. These issues will go much better after the 21st when Uranus, your Family Planet, starts moving forward after many months of retrograde motion. Things continue to go your way. You are strong, decisive, clear.

You know your own mind and the direction you are going in. Forward progress in your life is rapid (80 to 90 per cent of the planets are moving forward this month). Like last month, push towards your goals – especially those that involve personal fulfilment and personal circumstances.
The same financial conflicts seen last month are in effect for most of this month. But these will dissipate by the 19th. From the 19th onwards you will be in one of the best financial periods of your year (if not your life). Jupiter is elevated and receives beautiful aspects from 30 per cent of the planets.

You have figured out there’s no contradiction between success and money – you will opt for both. Both are important. Though career is less important these days, it soars nevertheless. More pay rises, promotions, honours and the like are coming your way. Some of you might get elected to high office in a community or civic organization you belong to – this usually happens under these aspects. Career and financial goals dovetail beautifully – each help the other. Your good reputation and professional status bring more money.

Your earnings elevate your status. This is a circle of good that feeds on itself. Assets you already own increase in value. You are dressing better and more expensively. Perhaps you invest in yourself – either ‘image-wise’ or in your education. Both are good investments now. The interesting thing is that all of this is happening with most of the planets below the Horizon. Y

ou have outer success, but you yearn for inner harmony. Love is still complicated until the 21st. It’s not that your beloved doesn’t love or care for you – but he or she is thinking about his or her role in your life. Though ambivalent, he or she is still very much on your side. After the 21st, more clarity comes. This is a month of financial growth and sensual pleasure. Enjoy.

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Scorpio November Horoscope
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