Taurus November Horoscope

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Taurus Forecast November 2016

The first week of November 2016 will be no different from the previous month. After that, things will settle down a bit, or, better said, will go into a lull. If there have been problems in your couple or things have gone out of control in the past weeks, you'd better know that you'll come back to them for some conclusions and clarifications in December. However, for the time being, take advantage of this peaceful period to assess your feelings carefully, to become aware of your impressions, to take a bit of distance so that you can be more objective.With the Sun, Mercury and (especially!) with the seducing Venus in the house of relationships, November 2016 will highlight your charm and will be generous in offers.

You'll need affection, your love availability will be higher, you'll overflow with sex-appeal and easily attract the opposite sex. If you have a stable relationship, but the flame of passion has faded away, now it's the time to light the fire again. In the case of a tense relationship, very emotional reactions can cause brutal clashes. An interesting change in the field of work relationships, or maybe it's an opportunity to prove your mediating talent or creativity. At work, the atmosphere will loosen up a bit in the second half of November 2016, a period that will also be favorable to accomplishments bringing spiritual satisfaction, as well as more concrete reward. Particularly special will be teamwork, joined efforts.

You'll certainly be able to accomplish great things together with other people. Moreover, Mars in Sagittarius will stimulate your business flair and bring you earnings from side sources, as well.Collaborations, especially the long-distance ones, will be troublesome, business trips annoying, while professionally, you might feel the absence of an expertise. In the work relationships, you'll overreact. At home, the agitation will get bigger: you'll mend, redecorate, move...

In a more pessimistic scenario, there might occur family discussions or some stress related to properties or durables. You'll tend to exaggerate with anything that concerns career and money. Health will still require attention. If you don't take care of yourself, in November 2016 you can end up having problems on account of poor life hygiene, with deteriorating ailments that haven't been treated, with upsetting relapses and other such things. Be careful especially about what and how much you eat, and try to exercise more!Your body has a well-known resistance. But you don't have to completely rely on it, because there are also risk periods. You'll have such a period, and your health will need constant monitoring. Excesses, stress and deficient life hygiene will increase the risk of some troubles.

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Taurus November Horoscope
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