Virgo November Horoscope

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Though Mars in your Money House all month is urging you to act, take risks, force profits or earnings to happen, Venus’ retrograde in your 3rd House is counselling the opposite – slow down, study more, wait and see, get the facts, etc. The latter seems the wiser course. If you can’t refrain from speculating, then do so with a small percentage for your portfolio or with harmless amounts.

Things will be clearer then. Be patient in the meantime. Earnings will still come, but there could be delays. Work to cut costs, pay off debt and become financially healthier. Get rid of excess possessions that only clutter up space. When Venus goes forward on the 21st, 90 per cent of the planets will be forward, and so there will be rapid progress towards your goals – financial and otherwise. As in the past few months, the planets are mostly in the East. Continue taking the initiative in life (wherever possible) and follow your own course to happiness. Consensus opinion is probably wrong for you these days.

This is the time to be an individual. Your practical judgement is not up to its usually high standards. In the world at large, your virtues are again out of style.
You will have to be strong to be true to yourself. Most of the planets are still below the Horizon, and your 4th House of Home and Family gets powerful after the 22nd. Thus domestic duties and responsibilities are taking priority over your career. You correctly realize that true career success is almost impossible unless you have a stable home base. Now is the time to get it in order.

Family relations are bittersweet now. Communicating with family members seems unusually difficult until the 22nd. Thus there are needless conflicts over money, career and spiritual/philosophical issues. These are temporary. With your Family Planet in your 12th House, the family experience (both the good and the bad) is the key to inner growth. Many of you will discover that you’ve had a long history with family members even before you were born. Many ancient scenarios are being played out now.

Love too is bittersweet, but will improve after the 22nd. You and your beloved seem out of synch – wanting to do different things and having different needs. Perhaps financial disagreements complicate your love life as well. More planets moving into the Western sector will improve love as you become less self-willed and more into compromise and consensus.

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Virgo November Horoscope
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