Virgo November Horoscope

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope Forecast November 2016

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will continue to bring excitement to your couple life, especially since it's supported by a very nice configuration with the Sun. You'll be very available sentimentally, you'll have a lot to offer, but you'll have great sentimental needs in your turn. There's no "too much" for November 2016. At the same time, you'll feel the need to express freely, in the chosen direction (and why not, even in two or more different directions) and any attempt to be confined or limited in any way can lead to strong opposition on your behalf.

The trines the Sun, Mercury and Venus will form with Uranus in the house of couples promise you nice surprises: unexpected romantic dates, messages or declarations that will take you by surprise or maybe the sudden appearance of a person in your life that will capture your attention. If you want to do something to start a new relationship or to improve the one you already have, now it's the right time, because you'll be tremendously inspired and imaginative in this regard. Collaborations and contracts will be an attractive focus point in November 2016.

There can be interesting offers and you could even negotiate or sign a partnership. You'll have high aspirations and you'll also benefit from the necessary courage and determination to reach them, which is great. The ruler of your house of career (and the ruler of your sign, at the same time), Mercury, will be conjunct with Mars, which will stimulate and push it to action. Financially, there'll be a change of register - for the better. Some funds will be opened or some material ban annulled.A dynamic month, with trips, meetings, discussions, procedures. Intellectual preoccupations will be favored, but they could become stressful. Papers, documents, verbal or written communication risk causing incidents.

You could do with a bit more discretion, because November 2016 can easily bring to surface things that would better remain secret or confidential. Finances will require close monitoring. You'll enjoy strength, but also considerable stress. The morale will be good, but over solicited, and you'll tend to react hastily and impulsively or even overreact. Under these circumstances, if there's any predisposition in your natal chart, you'll face the risks of accidents or tense situations.

Saturn has left Virgo and you should relax and look at life with more optimism. But not too much though, because excesses of any kind harm you. Take care, especially if you have a more vulnerable hepatic-biliary system or you're prone to hyper functions (hyper blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, hyperthyroid, etc.). As long as Mars is in Leo (until June), stay away from catchy diseases, from addictions and other hidden dangers!

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Virgo November Horoscope
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