October 2019 Horoscope

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The Sun in Sextile offers a whole range of possibilities. Thanks to a small sweep of the past, the beginning of October points to new things. We express what we feel, speak about our ambitions, our projects, we show who we are. It is the search for the dream, the race for happiness, we witness a radical change, a true introspection.

A good physical resistance makes it possible to make our desires come to fruition or to carry out a family project at the end. It is around October 11 that upheavals will be felt, a good evolution is about to see the light of day. Difficulties give way to easiness. Sentimentally, passion prevails over reason. The invitations are flying, good understanding reigns, our friends make a unit. Things are different and unusual. For some, this is an escape from their problems, others are seduced by originality. Will this month of October sound like a rebirth?

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