Aquarius October Horoscope

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

In October 2016 you'll get good news from a distance, you'll take a couple trip or on a sentimental purpose, maybe you'll even have an experience that will broaden your horizon or enrich you spiritually. You'll take couple problems very seriously and you'll make sure to get as much as you offer - and vice versa. This attention paid to fair play can take some of the spontaneity charm, but can bring more harmony to the relationship on the other hand. Caution: too many professional preoccupations can alter this couple harmony.

Because the Sun (the ruler of your house of couples) and then Venus (the planet of love) are in harmonious aspects with Jupiter in Aquarius, October 2016 will be favorable to harmony and relational fulfillment. Intellectual or spiritual communion, shared interest in exploring new horizons and trips are factors that will attract happiness. Mars' entrance in your house of couples on October 16th 2016 will bring some more passion and will energize the couple life. In October 2016, Mars and Venus in your house of career will feed ambitions and will try to find the way to success, sometimes diplomatically, other times less diplomatically.

The purpose is not just glory. The financial reasons are also very clearly pointed out. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your house of money wants more of it, knows this is possible and can help with earning more. And it will really do it. As for the rest: trips, studies, distance collaborations.Remoteness will suit you. It's possible that an enjoyable and profitable business trip will appear, or maybe collaboration with somebody from overseas, etc. If you have scientific, literary, academic, cultural or spiritual preoccupations, your way will be clear, opportunities will show up. It'll be an expansion interval, of widening the horizon. Success and praise in the last week of October 2016.

You'll have good resistance to effort, but you won't excel at shape and morale. You won't have much energy or optimism. Anyway, with the axis of the Lunar nodes marking your houses of health, you'd better take care of yourself. Protect yourself against stress, infections and intoxications, don't hurry, don't take risks - and things will go smoothly.

You'll be in an excellent physical shape and you'll have a very good morale. The fact that you'll be enjoying yourself doesn't have to make you be careless and yield to the culinary temptations or other excesses. Attention: starting with 16th October 2016 until June 2016, Mars will incite you to behave in a risky way, which might take its toll on several levels, including the health one.

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Aquarius October Horoscope
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