Aquarius October Horoscope

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Two T-square formations this month. The first, discussed last month, and is in effect until the 15th. By the 15th the crisis of faith and career should worked out. The other T-square involves family, career, finances, personal desires and love. All these areas are pulling you in different directions in an unruly and conflicted way. Your assignment is to balance these areas, bring some harmony there and make these areas co-operate with each other. A tall order. Health is good, but rest and relax more after the 23rd. The planetary power began to shift last month – from the West to the East.

This month, the shift becomes more complete. You have compromised, adapted and ‘people-pleased’ long enough. Presumably by now you have learned the lessons of team work and co-operation. Now it’s time to take the initiative in life – to take charge of your own destiny – and to make things happen according to your will and desire. Of course you are not to be rude or run roughshod over others – but merely to take charge of your own affairs – to set your own agenda and schedule – and work towards your own personal goals. When it comes to you and your life, you know best. Foreign lands still beckon and, after the 6th, travelling seems happy.

Your spouse or partner is very supportive. Singles find love opportunities at the job or office – and a fling with a boss or superior (or someone involved in your career) is not a hopeless dream. There will be more socializing with people of status and power. Singles are attracted to people who can help their career or who can mentor them. Wisdom and power are the aphrodisiacs this month – not physical appearance or roaring libido. Finances are still basically good, but you work harder for them than usual. Again, spending on the home, on technology and on social matters needs to be kept in line.

Neptune, your Money Planet, moves forward on the 20th, which restores your sound financial judgement. Continue to focus on your career and downplay family and domestic issues. With your Family Planet now retrograde from the 10th onwards, a wait-and-see attitude at home is in order.

October Horoscope

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Aquarius October Horoscope
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