Aries October Horoscope

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Aries Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

The Sun will transit your house so this is the part where most of the energy and attention will go to. You'll just pick up any offer, suggestion or challenge. But you don't always have the right reaction. Venus' delicate position makes you suspicious and jealous, while retrograde Mercury will be in the area of couples, as well, being likely to cause communication problems in the first part of the month. Although less intense, the period 18th-31st October promises a more cheerful affective life.With the Sun, Mercury and, later, Venus in your house of relationships, love and/or marriage will be in the limelight all the month in October 2016.

The perspective is happier for the second part of the month, not only because of Venus' presence in Libra, but also because of Mars that will enter your fifth house of love, adventure and sex. And when you think that the red planet of passion will energize this sector for eight months...

The opposition between Saturn and Uranus might bother or delay the carrying through of some initiatives, but it cannot stop the final success. Jupiter, very well placed in the house of career and fame, guarantees your advancing. Collaborations will require some extra diplomacy and concentration in the first part of the month, which will be unfavorable to contracts and cooperation. Financially, Mars in Scorpio is active and inspired, capable of leading your steps towards profitable investments and business.In the first part of October 2016 there will appear the signs of a possible professional collaboration or of the impact your colleagues have on your performances.

In fact, almost all the month in October 2016 will be marked by situations that call for cooperation, understanding, association and partnerships. It's possible that new contracts or transactions will appear. The collective effort and group activities will be successful. Even if Saturn-Uranus opposition doesn't bother you with work too much, it might do it as regards health, especially since this is already a vulnerable issue because of Mars' position in Scorpio.

If they occur, problems will be related to teeth, bones, joints or relapsing an older ailment. Anyway, you have to take care of yourself and remember that this is not the right time to push it.In the first half of October 2016 you might feel the stress more acutely. A minor health problem is not excluded in the second week. The physical energy will visibly improve after the 16th of October 2016, once Mars enters Leo. For as long as Mars stays here  it's recommendable that you exercise as much as possible.

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Aries October Horoscope
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