Aries October Horoscope

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The Grand Trine in the Air element will continue all month. An unusual length of time for this aspect. Much of what was written for last month still applies – especially until the 6th. Discern, discriminate, take nothing at face value until you see confirmation. Don’t confuse speech with action or commitment.

The Western sector of your chart is still the most powerful one. Social urges are very strong – they get even stronger on the 15th when Mars, the Lord of your Solar Horoscope, moves into Libra, your 7th House.

You are still in a strong social period. What’s difficult here (and yet very necessary) is that you must put other people first, see their positions on things, and often forego your personal will. Like last month, your way is probably not the best way. The good news is that you are adapting to this un-Aries like behaviour. You are popular. You go out of your way for other people – friends and the beloved.

Your good will come to you by ‘ways ye know not of’. Career issues and the drives for outer success get even stronger after the 15th, as Mars joins 60 to 70 per cent of the planets above the Horizon. Put home and family issues on the back burner for a while and focus on your career. Though health is still good it is not up to its usually high standards. Rest and relax more until the 23rd.

This is a month for learning patience both in love and finance. Venus, who is both your Love and Money Planet, makes a rare retrograde in your 8th House (October 10th to the end of the month). This will not stop love or earnings, but will throw complications into the brew. A love affair can seem to be going backwards instead of forwards. Social judgement is not up to its usually high standards.

There can be undue caution in love – fear – which can inhibit love from happening. Ongoing relationships need some breathing space and time for re-evaluation. It’s not a good idea to make any drastic love (or financial) decisions from the 10th onwards.Like last month, prosperity comes as you help others prosper. But Venus’ retrograde from the 10th onwards shows that there could be delays in being paid, or glitches regarding insurance or tax claims and the like. Hang in and try not to make matters worse by getting negative. This is still a good period for making financial plans for the future, for negotiating and researching investments and purchases and for cutting costs and waste

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Aries October Horoscope
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