Cancer October Horoscope

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

Venus and Mars will continue to provoke your sentimental and erotic enthusiasm, lending you enough courage to turn your fantasies to reality. In October 2016, love can come into your life at any time. There's also the risk for Venus to cause troubles: things can block or develop unexpectedly, problems of sexual or emotional nature, unsolved or unknown, tend to come out to the surface, pregnancy or children-related problems can occur, etc. Satisfaction and frustration will take turns in your couple life...

The passionate tendencies will maintain in the first half of October 2016, when you'll react intensely emotionally. In the same period you'll have news, discussions or important meetings and maybe even reconciliation where it's the case. An event with a lot of affective meaning will take place towards the middle of the month, when Venus forms a square with Pluto in the house of relationships. After that, experiences will be more inner-oriented and you can indulge yourself in memories or meet former sweethearts.

October 2016 will undoubtedly be a very favorable month for Cancer people. Not only will a favorable wind blow for you generally speaking, but there'll also be big opportunities for studies, specializations, research, publications, as well as for promotions, for putting your value to use and for all other kinds of creative-artistic activities.

Financially, you'll have to make some decisions. In October 2016, you'll make good investments and you'll benefit from the support of the family.October 2016 will have a concrete, practical aspect and it'll underline especially the preoccupation for financial issues (and material, in general) or for the domestic ones. Home, family and properties will demand more of your attention and promise a positive development.

You might get the idea of a real estate investment, an acquisition of a patrimony good or a durable. In October 2016 you'll have good morale: a lot of energy, optimism and thirst for action. If you like traveling, you'll probably do it, if you like sports, you'll probably have special results (and even if you're not keen on it, it's time you exercised more). Do everything you take pleasure in, relax and recharge your batteries! With Mars in your house of health,

November 2016 won't be as mild.You'll keep having a lot of physical energy, but also a higher exposure to accidents on account of haste or imprudence, acute diseases or infections, for as long as Mars is in Cancer . Your energy will go down in the second part of October, and stress will go up. Domestic chores and family events will relax you.

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Cancer October Horoscope
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