Cancer October Horoscope

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Your famly and home-life could absorb you more than usual this month. Administrative or financial issues could be at the origin of various problems, creating tension with your loved-ones. You will be led to have to intervene to restore peace and harmony in your home-life. You will manage this skilfully and firmly and those around you will be grateful.

You will solve problems without difficulty with your dynamic approach and practical outlook. You will have excellent contacts with children, yours and other young people, who will be close to you one way or another. You will provide them with a kind of lesson by example, with your behaviour and experience. You will feel close to them and full of understanding for their current concerns. Your intuition will enable you to see beyond appearances and easily find more adequate responses to give those who ask for your opinion or help.

Love overview:
Your state of mind this October, tinged with both light-heartedness and enthusiasm, will give you great charm and make you very attractive. In this context, a wonderful encounter can't be ruled out and you will feel ready to welcome this.

In a relationship:
You will still be in a period of great transformation and development where your relationship is concerned. Your kindly attitude this month shoudl help you progress in a positive direction for you, as with your partner.

In your love-life, if you are single, you will feel a lift with optimism and full of get-up-and-go.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month, you will have a number of assets for making your relationship easier with family and friends, and in your love-life. Your energy, intuition and charm will combine to bring all your ability for love and tenderness to others. If you also keep an open mind, you will get a wonderful reward for your investment in your loved-ones.

October Horoscope

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Cancer October Horoscope
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