Capricorn October Horoscope

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Like last month, most of the planets are still above the Horizon and your 10th House of Career is even stronger. The pace of your career quickens. Things are hectic. Competitive challenges need to be fended off.

You are the warrior in armour fending off all comers. Emotions are high. Bosses and elders don’t suffer fools gladly. Wrath can come from on high, but it will be brief. Mind your own temper, too. Now you see the price tag on last month’s career advancement – fortitude and hard work. Mercury’s forward movement on the 6th helps with career misunderstandings – logic and rationality return. The shift of planets to the East is even stronger this month. By the 15th Mars moves into the Eastern sector, making a total of 70 to 80 per cent of the planets in the East.

This is a time for having your way in life – for having life on your terms – with all the consequences, both good and ill. If you build constructively without harming others, the consequences will be happy and good. If you build unwisely, there’s a price tag later on down the road. Still, you should proceed without fear of mistakes. Do your best and the mistakes will become learning experiences.
A Grand Trine in Air (all month) is boosting your career, finances and health. Still, rest and relax more this month. Health is enhanced in the same ways as mentioned last month. Once again there is a situation (after the 15th) of none or only one planet in Earth.

Your virtues are out of style for a while. People think that ‘practical concerns’ are dull and unimportant. They will spend recklessly and without thought of the inevitable bill that will fall due. But you stick to your guns – someone has to have their feet on the ground. Mercury goes forward on the 6th, and Neptune (your Personal Communication Planet) goes forward on the 20th. If you have marketing projects or mass mailings to do, try to schedule them after the 20th. If you can’t wait until the 20th, wait at least until after the 6th.

Finances are still very strong, the retrograde of your Money Planet notwithstanding. Of course it won’t hurt if you study purchases and investments more carefully – but the earnings will come. Your status, prestige and public reputation are a big boost. Guard these carefully. After the 23rd, try to balance investing with debt repayment. Do a little bit of both. There could be a financial conflict with your spouse or business partner – compromise – the situation is short term. Love is status quo this month. The retrograde of Venus shows that an extra-marital affair is not going so well.

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Capricorn October Horoscope
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