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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

A sentimental problem that would need a more rational approach could haunt you in the first part of October 2016. It doesn't necessarily have to do with love. It can also be about another highly emotional domain, but the biggest probability indicates a connection with the couple life. Until the middle of October 2016, there can still occur something important related to a private trip or a long-distance relationship.

The rest of the interval will unfold normally, without unusual events.Who feels like love now, when you're at the peak of your career and you have a lot of initiative? Yes, maybe love could be number one priority in October 2016, if the chosen one were the son/daughter of a high official or tycoon or if (s)he were a VIP or business person him/herself. Somebody keeps paying attention to you?? Then he/she'd better start supporting your career, otherwise, let it go! Of course you secretly long for a tender heart or some crazy passion. It's just not the right time yet...

With the trines successively formed by the Sun, Mercury and (particularly!) Venus in transit through your house of career with Jupiter, the career sector looks promising. And because Jupiter is located in a financial house, the chances of an accomplishment that implies an income raise too are quite strong. As for the money, Mars' entering Leo announces the beginning of a period of big interest in extra earnings, investments, loans, payments and other financial procedures.Yes, ambitions will reach their peak, and initiative will overflow. How else can it be, when in your house of career govern the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, the ruler of your sign itself? And when in your house of ideas and initiatives is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction...

You'll be alert. You've decided to win and you'll use all necessary means. The motivation will stay strong the next months too, but in October 2016 you'll win some big games. You'll go through a period in which keeping your health will depend a lot on your emotional status and a balanced lifestyle. As long as there's harmony, you won't have problems. In the first ten days of October 2016 you might make a decision regarding doctors, treatments or lifestyle.Sickness? Who's got time for it?

The focus on objectives will be so big in October 2016 that your body will simply mobilize its resources, and adrenaline will pump at its maximum. Nevertheless, this is not something to work for ever! So if you treat your body as a war machine, obey its operating instructions and have the necessary checkups.

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Capricorn October Horoscope
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