Capricorn October Horoscope

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Plans will be clashing in your head this month, or in practice and in terms of opportunities. You will be driven by a desire for things new and will want to leave the well-beaten track to follow your own more individual path. Your creative flair will be at its height. You will be full of new ideas that you would like to put in place as soon as possible.

Until now, you will have been held back by the fear of arousing negative reactions and giving yourself a bad image. These fears will disappear and you will forge ahead. Your ambition will bear you aloft and your talent for organisation will enable you to put your plans into practice in an organised and structured way. First, it will be your career or main activities that are involved, although other areas could be part of the picture too. In your social life and working life, there could be a definite change and you could set off down a path that will be more in tune with your personality.

Love overview:
In your love-life, destiny could place a former friend on your path and you could rediscover him/her from a different, more love-related angle.

In a relationship:
The month will roll by without major incident. Your partner will support you in your new plans and you will be able to rely on his/her help if need be. You will therefore have a free rein for forging ahead.

You, yourself, could equally decide to re-establish contact with someone who has disappeared from your life and whom you would like to see again. This renewal of ties could be the opportunity for one, as for the other, to be aware of feelings that had been ignored until now.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month could be an opportunity for you to change direction in your everyday affairs, to bring them into harmony with the deeper aspects of your persoanlity. It will be a month for daring to assert yourself as a unique individual and break free from the fear of others looking at you. So, forge ahead and be yourself!

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Capricorn October Horoscope
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