Gemini October Horoscope

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your house of love, nothing will interfere in your happiness. Love and fun will be favored and will bear the sign of incitement or adventure. Everything will be interesting, challenging. If you don't have a commitment yet, somebody to make your heart pound can come along at any time. Moreover, it can still happen in spite of the fact that you already have a relationship...

The love opportunities are more likely to come when traveling or from somewhere farEmotional and sexual needs will be bigger, but for now, they are blocked or denied, probably because of some mental barrier. In October 2016, the increasingly big demands and lack of free time can take their toll on your relationship, especially if it's new, in which case things seem to halt, if not regress. If you have a steady relationship, do something to revitalize it somehow, to bring some novelty, otherwise you might be surprised to find out that... it's not that steady!.

 You'll solve things playfully: with much creativity, talent and inspiration. You know how to present yourself favorably, how to take advantage of opportunities, you'll speculate the situations that favor you very well. October 2016 will be a good month for promotions, brand launching, representation actions. You'll have opportunities regarding education, specializations and elaborate intellectual activities. The first part of October 2016 will be suitable for activities related to real estate business and properties, for investments in the house and family.

For better efficiency, you must organize yourself and take things slowly, focusing on the most important ones. Still, even if the psychical pressure is bigger, the chances to succeed are high. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction promises opportunities for novelty, expansion, promotion or prestige. Financially, in October 2016 you'll have to make some decisions. Only the first week of October 2016 will be a little more crowded or tense.

As for the rest, relaxation and good mood will be in the air. On October 16th 2016, Mars will enter your house of trips. From now until June 2016 you'll need to pay more attention to the technical condition of your car and to drive safely.Although the Sun and Mercury support you in most of October 2016, you'd better try and spare your efforts, as retrograde Venus can cause troubles in the health area. You shouldn't get involved in too many things. In case of over solicitation, the protection barrier of the body can break down. If you suffer from renal, ovary or vein over sensitivity, in October 2016 a lot of care is required. Also, don't exaggerate with sweets!

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Gemini October Horoscope
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