Gemini October Horoscope

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Things are getting easier day by day. The stresses of the previous month are dissipating. On the 11th Mercury moves into Libra, a more harmonious aspect, and enhances romantic urges. On the 15th Mars moves from a stressful aspect to you to a harmonious one. In so doing, the T-square written of last month is gone.

This is very much a party month, and with Saturn placing burdens on you for two years now, you deserve a party. Like much of last month, there are love affairs, parties, enhanced creativity, the fulfilment of sensual fantasies and an abundance of leisure activities. Though you become more serious and work-orientated after the 23rd, the party atmosphere continues. Like last month there is a Grand Trine in your native Air element all month.

The same cautions written of last month still apply. Use your enhanced communication ability for positive and constructive purposes. Get those mailings and marketing projects out after the 6th. Study, write, learn. Avoid negative or useless chitter-chatter. Health aspects are much improved, but rest and relax more (where possible) until the 15th. Until the 15th you are still juggling love, personal desires and family responsibilities.Tempers could be volatile at home – try not to make things worse.
Like last month, most of the planets are below the Horizon and your 4th House is still strong. Thus you can safely de-emphasize the career and focus on home and family issues.

This is still a very good period (until the 15th) for construction projects at home, repairs and major renovations. The interesting thing about career now is that as you pursue your ‘emotional comfort zone’, your career prospers of itself. Feelings of joy, happiness and playfulness boost your career now.

You are an easier person to be around. Many of you will further your career through more entertaining and leisure activities – perhaps you are entertaining clients or business associates. Perhaps the boss entertains you. Like last month, continue to adapt as best you can to existing situations and avoid the gratuitous alienation of other people. Hone your social skills (they are unusually strong now anyway) and seek consensus in your actions. Put other people first and your good will come to you easily, effortlessly and in its own way. Love aspects are simply fabulous this month.

Those in an existing relationship will take it to new heights and enjoy each other more. The tensions of past months are a forgotten memory. Singles are in a romantic mood and easily attract opportunities. Love finds you as you pursue leisure activities. Finances are not that important now and seem status quo. The New Moon of the 6th brings profitable ideas and luck in speculations. I’d say wealth increases simply because you have more energy.

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Gemini October Horoscope
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