Gemini October Horoscope

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For you, October could give you the opportunity to show your creative flair and push yourself forward while developing your full potential. You will have a number of contacts and interesting exchanges with others. Your social life will be rich and animated. However, you will need to temper your bubbling nature to avoid potentially stormy discussions, which would in any case be pointless.

You will have an easy tendency to overdo the enthusiasm, which could be quite positive, except if you do so with those you deal with, trying to provoke reactions and fuel controversy, just for the pleasure of doing so. Take care not to go too far in this kind of game, which may amuse you but there's a risk it could be wearying for some of your colleagues. The atmosphere will therefore be quite highly-charged, but if you manage to be sober in your attitudes, you could reap some benefits and make progress on the work front.

Love overview:
You will be seeking perfection and will always find some criticism or other to make. Your many demands could well come from refusal to make a commitment.

In a relationship:
The month will pass without hiccup in a very happy routine. You will feel close to your partner for better for worse and sharing the ups and downs of everyday life, as well as your long-term plans.

Where feelings are concerned, if you are single and searchign for your soul mate, you will have a month of indecision, combined with dissatisfaction. You will probably have opportunities for encounters, but you won't succeed in reconciling your attractions and feelings.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Your enthusiasm this month and desire to express yourself and move forward with yoru plans could turn into over-excitement, not to say irritability. If you try to convince those you have to deal with, make sure you keep listening to what they have to say. You will have a greater chance of moving forward if you take their opinions into account.

October Horoscope

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Gemini October Horoscope
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