Leo October 2019 Horoscope

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Your creative energy and artistic flair work to your benefit, and may prove to be quite lucrative. You're finding ways to make everything more enjoyable, including work. What good is it if you don't have fun?

Recreational activities are both invigorating and enjoyable.

You may be a bit; of a show-off, but you should be able to walk away with dignity anyway.

Love is definitely on fire, and you're extremely passionate about pursuing your desires. It's easy to go overboard and overwhelm your intended, so try to be aware of their responses in order to gauge your own actions.

Travel or other inspirational activities can spark romance during the Moon on the 15th. But you're ready for a more subdued situation during the Moon on the 31st, like a secluded love nest. If you have kids, make time to enjoy them all month.

Fresh ideas work to your advantage, andyou can successfully launch a campaign to win support during the Moon on the 1st.

Travel can benefit your career, and you can increase your recognizability through advertising or other means. Invite others whose talents and abilities compliment your own to join in your ventures, since you can all benefit from joining forces.

But watch for power plays after the 26th, especially if a partner feels their slice of the pie is too small.

Your creative instincts and intuitive sensibilities work to your advantage from the 9th-18th. Solidify contracts between the 16th-25th.

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