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Leo Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

Trips, written and verbal communication and mental-spiritual communion are the factors governing sentimental life. This is where closeness can happen, or where misunderstandings can appear. The latter can be based on wrongly perceived messages. Anyway, in October 2016 you can expect important meetings, new people, fruitful discussions, information relevant to the sentimental life, or decisions about relationships. Under a bundle of favoring trines connecting your house of communication and dating to your house of couples, you'll have big chances of meeting the person of your dreams. If you have already met him/her,

October 2016 promises understanding and shared accomplishments. Discussions, exchanging messages, private walks or even the short trips you'll go on together will prove to be pleasant and favoring. In the second part of October 2016, Mars will add some more passion. In the first part of If the result of the situation in question depends on collaborations and negotiations, there are big chances to succeed. Communication and relationships (couple, work or any other kind of relationships) will work in your favor almost all month in October 2016 and it might end up with a transaction or a contract advantageous to you. You'll get on very well with your intellectual preoccupations.

October 2016 will mostly be about trips, information and communication and can create circumstances related to exams, interviews, negotiations, or signing papers. In these last cases, it's important that you assess your chances in advance, prepare thoroughly and be willing to have patience, because situations can take unplanned turns. The financial instinct will be keen as October 2016 will be focused on business and investments and will be able to bring extra earnings.

On October 16th 2016, Mars will enter your sign, where it will stay until June 2016. It'll bring along vigor, efficiency, enthusiasm and initiative, but it'll make you prone to haste, imprudence, accidents, injuries and infections. Take advantage of opportunities, but stay away from risks!Health will be in a sort of equilibrium in October 2016 and will be maintained like this by taking care of yourself and not overdoing it or being careless. Harmony and measure are the best cure both as preventive and as curative medicine. Relational stress or prolonged conflicts won't help, so you're advised to be relaxed and friendly to the others.

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Leo October Horoscope
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