Leo October Horoscope

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Though you look great and have great personal appeal, love gets even more complicated after the 10th. Both of your Love Planets – Venus (the generic Ruler of Love) and Uranus (your actual Love Planet) are retrograde at the same time. Your social confidence is not what it should be and important love decisions are better off delayed. Enjoy what you have now for what it is and don’t try to project into the future.

The retrograde of these Love Planets doesn’t mean that you won’t have a social life – you will – only that glitches arise. Irksome events. You plan a date and the car runs out of petrol and you miss it, or your lover is called away on an emergency. When social confidence is lacking the tendency is to be fearful or overly cautious in love – and this puts a further damper on a delicate situation.

Don’t feel that you have been singled out – with Venus retrograde many, many people are feeling the same way. Try to avoid needless travel, especially from the 15th to the 22nd. Necessary travel must be undertaken, but elective trips are better avoided or minimized during this period.

Like last month, the bulk of planetary power is below the Horizon. Your 4th House is even stronger than last month. Find your emotional comfort zone and stay there as much as possible. From this zone you can pursue other activities – and be successful.

Miscommunication is the main cause of emotional blow-ups. Relations with children are more delicate than they’ve been over the past few months. The planets start shifting to the Western sector this month, but the full transition will take another month or so. The planetary power is about equally balanced between East and West.

The era of complete self-will is about over. You are entering a period where you can enjoy the conditions you have created. If you’ve created well, things will be enjoyable and you will have no need to change anything. If there were mistakes and miscalculations, you will need to adapt more. In the meantime there will be times when you can take independent action and times when you will be more dependent on others. Health is good, but rest and relax more after the 23rd

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Leo October Horoscope
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