Leo October Horoscope

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October will find you on top form and driven by great energy. This energy will be particularly evident in the area of relationships, as you will have a need to meet others and exchange ideas. It will be a very "social" month for you. You will be curious and keen to learn, in order to find ideas and solutions to problems.

You will take ideas from all sides but at the end of the day, you will follow your own decisions in line with your instincts, but not without reflection. In all cases, you will take action but make sure you hold on to your independence. You will have a desire for change too. And you may try to sort things out where your relationship is concerned. This could happen in a rather chaotic manner and lead to tension with some people. Whatever the case, you will forge ahead and it will be about those who love you following you as well.

Love overview:
Where your love-life is concerned, you will think above all about having a family, with children. You therefore won't feel inclined to launch into just any relationship.

In a relationship:
Your relationship will roll along without hitch. Your feelings will be deep and genuine. Each of you will will be fully able to explain your own emotions with the assurance that you will be completely understood by your other half.

You will be going through a phase of reflection, analysing your past experiences and trying to learn lessons from them, in order to be able to make better choices in the future.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Put your wonderful energy levels to use this month in order to put your relationships in order and get your ideas across, along with your position regarding subjects dear to your heart. However, you should avoid unevaluated judgements. Keep listening and be open-minded.

October Horoscope

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Leo October Horoscope
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