Libra October 2019 Horoscope

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You're ready to take a new approach to resolving problems, and have a strong level of confidence and optimism.

Your enthusiasm can be contagious, inspiring the attention and respect you deserve, personally and professionally. Staying active feels natural and can improve your vitality.

Taking walks, jogging, or biking can benefit your body, and you'll get to know the neighborhood, too! The Moon in Libra on the 1st is accompanied by energy that inspires you to get things moving forward.

Maintaining close contact with your sweetheart can be endearing.

Call, e-mail, or send cards, letters, or flowers to express how you feel. Serious thoughts about commitment arise during the Moon the 15th, when exchanging or renewing vows may be on your mind. Take steps toward greater intimacy during the Moon on the 31st.

Networking with others in your field can open new options in your career. Attend conferences, make presentations, or travel after the 3rd. Get involved in communily outreach programs that bring beneficial changes close to home. This is also a great time to brush up on your skills.

Finances improve after the 13th, and investment opportunities may arise after the 20th. Check your impulses from the 20th-24th, and move ahead after the 28th.

Improving your communicative abilities now will enhance eveiy aspect of your life. This is a great time to get over your stage fright.

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