Libra October Horoscope

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Libra Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

Although love counts a great deal to you (it has always counted, and in this phase of your life, with Saturn - the ruler of your house of love and sensuality - in Libra, more than before), in October 2016 it seems not to be at the top of the priority list. A relationship becomes relevant when it's based on mental affinities and combines the sentimental side with the practical side: career, success, money. Purely romantic affairs are not excluded, but the results can be disappointing.In its negative manifestation, the Venus-Saturn-Mercury conjunction in the first part of October 2016 can signal a crisis, an abandon or a disillusion. In its positive side, it can foreshadow a significant event regarding secret love.

On October 15th 2016, Venus will enter Libra, full of promises, but it'll soon be struck by the square with Pluto, which can generate frustration, suspicion, jealousy or other turmoil. Finally, after the 17th -18th October 2016, the sky will completely become clear again, and Venus will head graciously towards the trine with Jupiter, that announces a great accomplishment.

October 2016 will be an extremely stimulating month, in which you'll live that kind of effervescence that makes anything seem possible, brings unexpected opportunities or even not hoped for, can also launch surprising provocations and helps with good changes you have felt necessary or wanted to make for a long time. You'll have huge work capacity that you'll direct towards reconfigurations, which will bring you a lot of money.

The financial sector will also be very animated in October 2016. Money will come, but retrograde Venus can soon make part of it vanish very fast.All the month October 2016 will be favorable to career, promoting qualities and talents, to interesting opportunities. In the second part of the month, collaborations, group projects, activities related to clubs, associations and foundations will visibly become very dynamic. Your personal charm, diplomacy and intelligence will lead you straight to success, and the New Moon on 29th October 2016 foreshadows the perspective of new projects, most probably with happy finality.The Sun in Libra will assure you a good shape especially in the first two decanates of October 2016.

 But even without the Sun influence, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your house of health will give you a lot of energy and work capacity. The same conjunction can help you with medical procedures or (at the best) with improving your physical shape or look.Health will still need monitoring in the first half of October 2016. The Sun in Libra should protect you, but with Venus-Saturn-Mercury conjunction in your twelfth house, prudence is the mother of wisdom. The second part of October 2016 won't raise problems, on the contrary, it'll give you a good general condition, cheerful and radiant.

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Libra October Horoscope
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