Libra October Horoscope

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The heavenly T-square written of last month is in effect until the 15th. Keep that discussion in mind. This month there is a Grand Trine in your native Air element all month. Mind your phone bills and don’t give anyone your mobile phone! Speech is fast and furious. Strangers think nothing of talking to each other for long periods. Ideas are abundant, and many of them have merit. People are reading and studying more.

This interest in education is a viable pathway to profits for you. Continue to be careful of verbal commitments until the 6th – when Mercury goes forward again. On a personal level, this Grand Trine in Air is great for love, job-seeking, health and finances. Writers, teachers and marketing people continue to have a banner month.

Your own Sign of Libra is very strong this month. People in general are friendlier and more romantically inclined. Mars, your Love Planet, moving into your Sign on the 15th highlights romance even more. Romance was stormy this past month (and will still be tense until the 15th) but now things start to harmonize.

Financial and family conflicts are resolved (or in abeyance). Your lover is pursuing you and he or she will catch you. Your lover is bending over backwards to please and seems totally committed to your interests. You are having your way in love these days. Since love is pursuing you there is nothing special you need do to find it – just show up. Mars in your own Sign also gives you physical dynamism and sexual magnetism.

You are more active and more athletic this month. Exercise and sport regimes go especially well. Self-confidence and self-esteem are strong. You get things done in half the usual time. Self-esteem would be even better if Venus weren’t going retrograde on the 10th. So there is some element of self-doubt and caution in you – you are not as sure of yourself as you seem to others. With most of the planets still in the East and many in your own Sign this month, continue to create conditions as you desire them to be.

With Mars in your own Sign, others are adapting to you and consensus isn’t that necessary. By the 15th most of the planets will be below the Horizon of your chart. Now is the time to find your point of emotional harmony and to function from there. Now is the time to improve family relations and your overall domestic condition.

Finances are much better this month – especially after the 15th. Money comes from your personal efforts and from personal appearance. You are in charge of your financial destiny these days. Job-seekers have fabulous aspects all month – job prospects are further improved when Neptune goes forward on the 20th.

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Libra October Horoscope
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