Libra October Horoscope

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The Sun will shine in your sign this month and give you energy and confidence. You will have the motivation to improve your everyday life, both for you and those around you. Whether at home or in your working environment, you will be inventive and effective enough to make your living environment as pleasant as possible.

You will act in the collective interest, with a concern to establish comfort and harmony for everyone around you. You should get some pleasant returns from those around you, who will be grateful, and this could even bring you a non-negligeable financial fall-out, even if that wasn't the goal you were pursuing from the outset. On the finance front, you could benefit from a pleasant surprise. The checking of certain former accounts or financial breakdown could work in your favour and you could receive an unexpected tidy little sum, enabling you to offer someone a pleasure that you hadn't planned for.

Love overview:
You will have confidence in yourself and a desire to make the most of this great mood to establish a privileged relationship with a person of your choice. You may have known him/her for some time, without having had the urge to declare your feelings.

In a relationship:
The month should be spiced with love and passion, and even those who have been in a relationship for several years will see their relationship tinged with renewed attraction, like the days when they first met.

You will be more enterprising than usual in affairs relating to the heart. This month will encourage you to take a leap ahead.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This will be a dynamic, sparkling month for you and it should bring you some nice surprises in the different areas of your life. The experiences of the past should help you get over any obstacles, if there have been any and you could even feel younger when looking back through the memories of your love-life. Make the absolute most of this month, when everything will smile on you!

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Libra October Horoscope
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