Pisces October Horoscope

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Your Money Planet, Mars, was involved in the T-square formation that was in effect for the past two months. Thus you’ve been working harder for earnings and probably been involved in financial controversy. Happily this T-square is dissolving by the 15th and earnings should come much easier. The dissolution of this T-square is making life, in general, much easier. Health and vitality improve. There is more harmony at work and at home.

Most of the planets (like last month) are above the Horizon of your chart, so career and outer ambitions are more important than domestic and emotional issues. Outer achievement will bring you to emotional harmony, not vice versa. Career is going well – especially from the 15th to the 23rd.

You seem clear on goals, have a sense of purpose and plenty of energy to achieve these things. The 8th and the 9th Houses are powerful this month. This indicates that this is a month for depth psychology, for personal transformation, for ridding yourself of extra baggage, whether it be material possessions, physical, emotional or mental baggage.
A great month for detox regimes or weightloss programmes, for cutting costs, paying off debt, and putting other people’s prosperity ahead of your own. Good also for attracting financial backers or outside capital to your projects. It is also a spiritual month.

Your philosophic and religious sensibility is strong. There is an interest in higher learning and higher education, and this kind of knowledge comes to you. Foreign lands beckon and many of you will be travelling either for business or for educational purposes. Power in the 9th House brings optimism and joy. Personal horizons expand. Job-seekers continue to enjoy good success this month. Job opportunities come from your spouse, partner or as you are involved in the finances of partners. Job opportunities in foreign lands can also come. As mentioned, health is improved this month. Health regimes are more interesting and more successful. Health is enhanced through detox regimes and through maintaining harmony with friends and your beloved. A new insight into health and disease – a mental breakthrough – fosters health after the 23rd.

October Horoscope

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Pisces October Horoscope
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