Pisces October Horoscope

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During October, money issues could surface or resurface unexpectedly. These could be at the root of discussions or legal disputes with people around you. It could be about money, or other problems that have been left pending in your relationships. You could therefore have quite a hard time and you are someone who finds it difficult to face antagonism from others.

These problems should be resolved quite easily. You should reach agreements that will have something in them for everyone. However, this wouldn't happen without having an effect on the relationships in question. You shouldn't be worried beyond measure, as it's sometimes a good thing to tackle subjects causing annoyance, review things and succeed in clarifying everyone's position, in order to start afresh on a new footing. Your relationships will be all the stronger, having got rid of these differences, which have until now remained silent.

Love overview:
In your love-life, the situation will make your heart beat with more intensity than usual, but the consequences won't be significant.

In a relationship:
This month could bring you regained passion in your love-life. You will be able to look together in the same direction, feel that you are in step with each other and recognise that you share the same values. Travel could also give you an opportunity to become closer..

You could feel a strong attraction for a person from another country or someone you have met abroad. This sudden and surprising attraction could also have a tendency to be unsettling.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
In October, could we be talking about "cleaning up relationships"? It could seem very painful to have to face old demons, which have been causing trouble in your relationships or friendships for a long time. However, it will be just a passing crisis. Be confident as the outcomes will be favourable to you and your relationships will be all the better for it.

October Horoscope

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Pisces October Horoscope
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