Pisces October Horoscope

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

Relationships will keep being in the centre of attention at the beginning of October 2016. The conjunctions Mercury and Venus will form with Saturn in your house of couples will make you face a serious situation that could cause the necessity of making a decision or a choice. In the process of deliberation, of weighing options, a role not to be neglected will be played by either the sexual/erotic aspect of the problem, or the children-related arguments.

The second part of October 2016 will bring you subtle satisfactions, of a more psychological nature.It might've been better, but this is life, we'll just settle for what we can have. The ruler of your house of relationships won't be in a very comfortable position, so probably the relationship won't be either. Suspicion, anxiety, possessiveness or jealousy can cast a shadow on your couple life.

The connections will be excellent though when the two partners join their efforts to analyze, to discover, to search for hidden meanings, mysterious areas, taboos, or when the union is perceived as a magic or esoteric act. For the first part of October 2016 there will be events with a high stake or significant meaning for collaborations or contracts. Reflect on it carefully, prepare intelligent strategies and be diplomat when taking action!

All the month October 2016, but particularly the second part, will open favorable perspectives for money, business, investments. With this matter, you'll get helped by confidential information, intuition or... simply luck. Mars' entrance on 16th October 2016 in your house of work announces eight months of great effort, maybe even pressure or over solicitation.The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will be the most favorable wind your sails will ever have. It'll lend you energy, courage, ideas, initiative and the desire to do more, to do something else, better, more interesting, more spectacular. 

In October 2016 you'll need changes and grand action. You only need to set some clear objectives. The financial preoccupations will be much emphasized, and the Sun and Mercury promise you money from collaborations or from side sources, but they can also force you to make some extra payments. It won't be a wonderful period, but with a little care you won't have anything to complain about. Take care in the interval 16th - 23rd October 2016, which can be characterized by stress, infections, cold, small accidents! Starting with 16th of October 2016, for eight months Mars will be interested in health, hygiene, shape.

Try to act energetically in these directions, to "burn" the Martian energies that could otherwise get out of control causing troubles.You'll be in a very good shape, almost perfect in the last decanate of October 2016. You'll overflow with vitality, and you'll always be alert and active. Even if the ruler of your house of health, the Sun, will cross the unfavorable eighth house, which can cause some problems, you'll find solutions very quickly and you'll recover in no time! Considering all the energy you'll have, exercise! Not only will your body thank you, but you'll also look better.

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Pisces October Horoscope
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