Sagittarius October Horoscope

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A dissipating T-square (after the 15th), basically good aspects all month and a month-long Grand Trine in Air makes this a happy and harmonious month. The Grand Trine in Air fans your natural Fire – making it burn brighter and brighter.

Mars is involved with children, speculations and creativity. Also, love affairs outside of marriage. Be patient in these areas from the 18th to the 22nd. The purpose of the eruptions is to perfect these areas. Mercury is involved in your love life and career. He restimulates the eclipse points from the 12th to the 16th. Love issues not settled by the previous eclipses are dealt with now. When eruptions and upheavals are short term, as they are now, the important thing is not to make matters worse – by fighting them. Stay above the fray and let the storm blow over. Most of the planets are still above the Horizon, so continue to focus on your career and outer life.

Family relations are improving as Neptune goes forward on the 20th – and he receives good aspects most of the month. Religious or philosophical issues could create problems after the 23rd. Most of the planets are still in the East (like last month), so continue to take the initiative in life. Create new and better conditions for yourself. Don’t compromise about what you want – create grandly and elegantly. Let the world adapt to you.

Many of you feel the wanderlust this month – even more than usual. Family responsibilities are inhibiting you. Still, you can plan foreign trips now and actually take them later on. Combining your needs for higher education and your family responsibilities is also a challenge. Don’t go too far either way.

Love is complicated for most of the month, but will straighten out after the 16th. Perhaps a little crisis is good in that the air gets cleared once and for all. Singles have many opportunities – either for friendship or serious love. Right now a combination of both would be the ideal. The dissipation of the T-square after the 15th is a very positive financial signal. Those who opposed you now suddenly support you.

Your problems become your greatest blessings. Professional investors should look at high-tech, farming, health and telecommunications industries. Money comes from media activities, networking and friends. Speculations are much more favourable after the 15th than before.

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Sagittarius October Horoscope
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