Sagittarius October Horoscope

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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

With Mercury (the ruler of your house of couples) crossing Libra (the sign of union) your relational life will clearly get more active. Moreover, it seems decisions will be taken and future plans made. As for the rest, you'll have good fun with your partner on various occasions and at events with a lot of people attending. If you don't have a partner yet, there are high chances that you find one on the occasion of such an event.After a first rather modest week, the entrance of the ruler of your house of couples, Mercury, in Libra will open the gates of love.

Stars will be even more favorable to you after the 15th of October 2016, when Venus also arrives in Libra, ready to encourage Mercury. The most favorable sentimental circumstances will occur at reunions, parties with friends, festivals, congresses or other group manifestations. Somebody that you thought had only friendly feelings for you might have more than that...

In October 2016 large groups of people seem to be related not only to your relational life, but to your success in career as well. You'll shine, you'll make yourself listened to, you can even be a leader in groups of people sharing ideals and interests: associations, foundations, congresses, symposiums, club reunions and even political parties. Routine work will go slowly though, and you'll need a lot of patience and perseverance to carry out your tasks.

The financial situations will be steady in October 2016 and will require much effort to improve.As regards career or prestige, you'll consider assuming some commitments that might have an emotional side, as well. Collaboration and joint actions will take up a lot of your preoccupations. The second part of October 2016 will be beneficial to image, popularity, friendship and the position you hold within a distinct community. Properly-documented projects will have maximum chances to succeed. 

Health will be a sore point. With Venus (the ruler of your house of health) retrograde and located in your house of trials, perspectives won't be very bright. Of course there are no reasons to worry if your natal chart is very good as regards health. But if the essential prognosis isn't very good, be careful because there's a risk of getting sick or relapse into some problems you thought you were over.No special problems seem to be in store, with the exception of the last ten days of October, when tiredness installs more easily. The immunity system will become weaker, exposing you to the risk of getting the flu or something similar.

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Sagittarius October Horoscope
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