Scorpio October Horoscope

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

The need for love will be enormous in October 2016, and the erotic impulse considerable. You'll have charisma, you'll attract, you'll fascinate. However... you want very much and you don't really have enough patience, and this might cost you emotionally. You'll react too strongly and out of proportion, hence the high risk of rush decisions, inappropriate involvement, tense situations, maybe even conflicts or frustration. All in all though, October 2016 promises to be passionate, effervescent, adventurous and full of erotic passion.You've had better days in love. And you will. However, October 2016 won't be very generous.

The ruler of your house of couples, Venus, will form in the first part of October 2016 an opposition with Uranus and a conjunction with Saturn, aspects that favor sudden reactions, breakups, winces, inhibitions or frustration. After which, Venus will hide in your twelfth house, a sad and restrictive house. The only ones that stand a chance will be the secret relationships... In October 2016, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and especially the active Mars will help you speculate your chances successfully. Thus, the period will be a good one for initiatives and the promotion of interests in general, and particularly for creative, artistic, pedagogical, sport activities, or related to entertainment. You'll know how to put yourself in a good light.

The richest in accomplishments will be the last decanate of October 2016, and the true glamour will come out after the 23rd, that is after the Sun enters your sign. Financially, solutions and even unhoped-for earnings will be possible.October 2016 will lay emphasis on association, group actions, protectors and popularity.

This is an area you still have some things to deal with, and the first part of the month could help you take the correct steps. Home and properties benefit from some secret actions or from the support of somebody who wants discretion. Once Mars enters Leo, the second part of October 2016 will mark the beginning of a long period of ambitions or professional turbulences. You'll have a lot of energy, but you'll use it at a very fast speed and you'll need to recharge your batteries quite often. Your overflowing vitality won't spare you from problems completely.

There's a predisposition to viral ailments, poisonings and injuries or small accidents, caused by carelessness or rush.You'll function at an average level: you won't burst with vitality, but you can't complain of lack of vigor, either. There'll be some receptivity to contaminations, though, so you'd better stay away from sick people. And even cut down on work and get some more sleep.

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Scorpio October Horoscope
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