Scorpio October Horoscope

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In October, your attention and energy will be absorbed by a number of demands and you will be in danger of being torn between the different opportunities arising, each as interesting as the others. You will find it very difficult to keep your focus on the goals that you will have already set yourself. Contrary to your usual wont, you will have a temptation to spread yourself too thin.

However, you should succeed in to identifying your priorities and your actions should be concentrated more on anything concerning your internal equilibrium and inner self. This would actually be a foundation that, once established, would enable you to tackle the other areas demanding your attention in a calm way. After a review and an analysis of the situation, you should be able to take things in hand. You may have somewhat neglected your personal life over the last few months. If you focus actively on your specific needs, you will rediscover the energy you need to start on the right foot.

Love overview:
In your love-life, you will feel uncharacteristically very sentimental and romantic. There will also be, in addition to your usual personal magnetism, a wonderful dose of charm and seductive powers, which could bring you a number of favours.

In a relationship:
Your partner will also be under the charm and you could enjoy a second honeymoon together.

You will inspire confidence and will be very much in demand. You could appreciate the situation with gratitude, but you won't necessarily have a desire to commit further.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The priority this month will be to look after yourself. Take a step backfrom your current activities, to take care of yourself and be back on form. Give yourself some moments relaxation and physical activity. Create an area of comfort for yourself which you will need for this. And set up some routines to keep yourself fit.

October Horoscope

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Scorpio October Horoscope
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