Scorpio October Horoscope

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Health and vitality are improving tremendously this month. The heavenly T-square that was affecting Pluto dissipates by the 15th. On the 23rd, the Sun joins Venus in your own Sign, bringing even more energy, glamour and grace to your personal image. Pluto is moving forward (and so are you), and most of the planets are still in the East. Personal power and independence improve over last month. Reach for the stars now.

You know what’s best for you. Mars, your Health Planet, moves into your 12th Solar House on the 15th, suggesting that you get excellent results from spiritual and metaphysical-type therapies. Like last month there are many planets in Air (communication), and Mercury will be retrograde until the 6th – don’t take verbal commitments or things that you hear too seriously. Get confirmation always.

This is a month for spiritual growth and for getting right with the Higher Power within you. This will not at all contradict the fulfilment of your sensual desires and the good life that is coming your way. Both can co-exist. The important thing to realize is that sensual pleasure and the good life are the result, not the cause, of getting inwardly right.

This is the lesson of the month. With all this personal power available to you, it won’t hurt to seek some seclusion and get clear as to where you want to go next. You have the opportunity to build your own circumstances, but after you do you will have to live with your creation – the idea is to build wisely. On the 23rd you will be in another of those ‘cusp’ – twilight – situations, as the planetary power starts to shift from the upper half of your Horoscope to the lower half. Gradually your interest in outer ambitions will wane (though it will still be there) and your interest in personal fulfilment, emotional harmony and feeling right start to become more important. While the shift is happening both urges are strong and you feel ambivalent. By next month the tide will shift towards emotional harmony and family issues.

Finances are still strong all month – though you may be overspending on yourself. From the 23rd onwards you wonder whether success is measured in pounds or in status and prestige. First you go one way, then another. Like last month, avoid the tendency to speculate – unless your bets are well hedged. Love is still strong all month, but Venus’ retrograde on the 10th throws some complications into the brew. A current relationship is being re-thought and re-evaluated. Don’t make rash decisions one way or another. Wait until Venus moves forward next month.

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Scorpio October Horoscope
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