Taurus October Horoscope

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Like last month, Venus is retrograde (until the 21st), most of the planets are in the Western sector of your chart and your 7th House of Love, Romance and Social Activities is very powerful. Adapt yourself to existing conditions as best you can; try to get the support of other people before making important moves, and cultivate the social skills. Put other people first now. Good comes through others, and if you don’t rock the boat or incur their displeasure it will come easily and effortlessly. Use Venus’ retrograde to become clearer about your goals and general direction. It is also good for perfecting your body and your current relationships.

By the time Venus goes forward, 90 per cent of the planets will also be forward – progress towards your goals will be swift. This month there are no planets in your native element of Earth. (Only the Moon – and that for only seven days out of the month – will be in Earth.)

You have had this phenomena, on and off, all year. Be stoic, patient and tolerant – but keep your feet on the ground. Don’t argue with others. Make your practical points and then let go. The upper hemisphere of your chart is the most powerful. And, though you long for simple domestic bliss and family values, your career is becoming more important.

You won’t be able to ignore family completely, but you can shift some focus towards career matters. A Grand Trine in Air all month is bringing great career happiness and progress. True, you are working hard, but you see the fruits of your work. Not only do you have to balance home and career – but singles also have to balance their love lives and career – this in spite of the fact they pull you in different directions. Rest and relax more until the 22nd. Love is improving. But Venus’ retrograde inhibits your confidence. By the 21st, though, all should be back to normal and your social life gets into full swing.

You are in one of the happiest (and most active) social periods of the year. A family member gets involved in a serious relationship. The family seems to support your social goals and could be playing Cupid. Financial judgement is unusually good these days. You have a penetrating perception into financial esoterica and can instantly sense if a purchase or investment is good or not. Money comes through other people, your social contacts, your spouse or through partners. A sudden expense (seems career related) or setback around the 18th–19th is short term. You have the wherewithal to deal with it. A great overall period for cutting costs and eliminating waste.

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Taurus October Horoscope
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