Taurus October Horoscope

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This month, you will be very busy organising your everyday life. Could you be said to be taking the bull by the horns? You will have a desire to create order around you, whether in your cupboards or files. Sorting things out will be the name of the day, as well as rationalising.

You could also draw up a plan, which will enable you to be disciplined and maintain your environment in a practical and orderly state. Your concerns could also turn towards your health, hygiene and diet. With the summer and the holidays, you may have over-indulged in the pleasures of the table and put on a few kilos. A suitable diet and sporting activities would therefore do you the greatest of good. Your aim will be to feel fit and for your mind to be free and clear, in order to allow you to devote yourself fully to your obligations elsewhere.

Love overview:
In your love-life, you could feel nostalgic and turn towards your better memories, with a desire to relive similar events and look back.

In a relationship:
While you put everything in order, you will have a look at old photos and take pleasure in rediscovering the atmosphere of those precious moments.

You will also turn to the past and you could have a desire to reconnect with relationships that have disappeared into the ether. There's also a possibility that the past will come back via a former acquaintance, who will try to make contact.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This will therefore be a month for putting your affairs in order, while carrying out a kind of review of your private life. This month will be like a springboard for the future. Take the time to carry out these reviews. They will be very useful for you to ensure solid foundations for making very promising progress.

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Taurus October Horoscope
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