Virgo October Horoscope

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You who are usually so discreet and modest will be tempted to stand out from the crowd this month and reveal the side of you that is more individual and personal. You will express some original ideas and could be very creative and inventive in your spheres of activity.

In this rather unusual approach for you, you could feel as if you are not entirely yourself and you may hesitate to express yourself. However, if you have the courage to think your thoughts through and take action as a consequence, this could work to your advantage. Your strengths will probably be appreciated in your work, but not always recognised for their true worth, because they won't be truly identified. You will have an opportunity this month to earn recognition, whether on the work front or from those closely assciated with you. So, be daring and you will reap a number of benefits.

Love overview:
In your love-life, either you will surprise love, or love will surprise you. Things could happen among those around you, among those you have spent time with every day without seeing them or who have spent time with you without seeing you.

In a relationship:
Your relationship could suffer from a lack of communication, which could lead to misunderstandings. Make sure you keep the dialogue open and avoid coming to conclusions before having listened to your partner's point of view.

There will be a possibility of a revelation being made in one way or another and love will turn up as a surprise.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This will be a month for being daring: daring to be yourself, to reveal your ideas or to share the most original inspiration. Modesty won't always be a strength. It can sometimes deprive others of all the personal wealth they can access. Have some self-confidence and show your true potential.

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Virgo October Horoscope
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