Virgo October Horoscope

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope Forecast October 2016

Stimulated by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, October 2016 will be an excellent month for love: your erotic instinct and your sensitivity will be very strong. You'll be very attractive to the opposite sex and you might get surprising sentimental offers. If you have a relationship, it can now be revitalized and freshened. No matter if you already have an engagement or not, it's possible for a new relationship to start, which will surely be passionate, though not necessarily long lasting.

The first part of October 2016 will make you face a relational situation on which you have to reflect, that might need a choice, a decision. A friend could help see things more clearly, to decide more easily what you have to do. The second part of October 2016 can also bring you happy moments, due to the trines the ruler of the house of couples, Jupiter, will make with Venus (the planet of love) and Mercury (the ruler of Virgo).

October 2016 will be an excellent month from the work perspective. Your efforts will be paid for accordingly. Your income will grow, due to both your hard work and reliability, as well as to the connections, collaborations, contracts and... contacts you'll manage to find. Team work will be favored and there can be opportunities for associations or partnerships useful to your career. Be careful what you negotiate, though: take your time not to reconsider it later!

Almost the whole month in October 2016 seems to be marked by an attempt to optimize the work-money ratio. It is to be expected for several profitable offers to appear. The first ten days of October 2016 might bring you in the position of making a more serious choice. You'll benefit from going with the more secure and wiser solution, even if it's more difficult and it doesn't promise immediate results. The second half of the month will favor success. In October 2016 your health will be quite good, but not very good. You'll be prone to stress, irritation or restlessness and, uncharacteristically, to excesses. Be careful when driving and when handling dangerous objects! In case of injury, no matter how easy, disinfect thoroughly, the risk of infections being very high.

You'll be quite good, and the second part of October 2016 might even bring you some solutions for the medical problems if this has been a reason for concern to you. The good news is that after more than two years of staying in Virgo, at the end of October 2016, Saturn will leave your sign, which brings you a relief, a relaxation, a boost in the optimism and general tonus.

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Virgo October Horoscope
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