Virgo October Horoscope

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The T-square written about for the past two months will dissipate by the 15th. Home, family and career issues should be resolved by then. There is a greater sense of co-operation between these areas now. In the meantime keep the juggling act going. Most of the planets are still in the East, and Mars will be in your own Sign until the 15th. Much of what was said last month still applies. Work to build conditions as you like them, trust yourself and hew your own path in life.

You are here to be happy and fulfilled, and you’ve been given the ideas and tools to achieve this. Let the world adapt to you. Like last month, Mars in your own Sign gives you energy, sex appeal and personal magnetism. But continue to mind your temper and beware of impatience. There’s a ‘thin red line’ that separates real self-confidence from ‘bullying and blustering’. Don’t cross that line. Finances are strong again this month, and again more complicated – perhaps even more so than last month. Mercury goes forward on the 6th and enters your Money House on the 11th.

This will improve communications about finances and with those involved in your financial life – on the other hand, Venus (your Financial Planet) goes retrograde on the 11th and will be that way for the rest of the month. And, where does she go retrograde? Your 3rd House of Communication. So again there is this need to be ultracareful in communications about finances and with those involved with your finances. Miscommunication can be very expensive – so a little care at the beginning can save much later on.

Your Money House is very strong these days. Sales and marketing programmes should be re-thought, improved, sharpened before you put them into motion. Purchases and investments need more study these days – and this is a good period to plan financial strategy or major purchases rather than actually making them real. Risk-taking Mars enters your Money House on the 15th – but best to resist the urge. Mars will goad you into action – into making financial goals happen immediately, while what you really need is a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude. Definitely avoid speculations from the 17th to the 22nd.Mars leaving your Sign on the 15th is a good signal for love. Excessive self-will and personal aggressiveness probably hampered things.

There are many love opportunities for singles this period – they come as you pursue your financial goals. The Grand Trine in Air all month also helps love. A stuck relationship starts moving forward again on the 20th.

October Horoscope

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Virgo October Horoscope
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