Pisces Monthly Horoscope

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A new moon in your sign just as Uranus enters Taurus suggests a powerful personal start for you, opening your mind to new possibilities. You may not believe what you learn, but have a willingness to find out. This is a seven-year process of shattering your false beliefs, perceptions, and mental duality as you awaken to a richer and truer reality of oneness. There is no separation other than in the mind; and there is no other, only the self.

But pay attention to actions rather than just words. Be true to yourself above all, then you can make compassionate choices to rebalance the power in a situation.

You are a visionary, and you’re learning to use your power to manifest what you see in your mind's eye. An idea is genius that holds fertile potential. Something isn’t as impossible as you think. Some may say you’re crazy, but you needn’t convince anyone of anything. They will eventually see the light. Free your mind, be innovative, and dare to live your truth.

Standout days: 10, 14, 21
Challenging days: 1, 6, 13

Monthly Horoscope


Pisces Monthly Horoscope
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