Pisces Monthly Horoscope

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What do you believe? Why? Where do your beliefs come from? On May 4, the Taurus new moon is asking you to open your mind to the possibilities. You’re learning information that could be mind-blowing or at least cause you to question what you thought was real. It might take a while to digest all that is coming through, but be patient with the process and keep an open mind as the month progresses.

On the fifteenth, Venus enters Taurus and Mars enters Cancer, marking a very creative period for you. It’s also a time when you could have heartfelt conversations that bring you a deeper understanding of others and a situation, allowing you to get on the same page.

May 18 marks the Scorpio full moon, bringing you greater insight into a situation. It will rearrange your perceptions, but there’s a need for perspective. We don’t see reality as it is. We see it as we are. Avoid judgment and you can start to see the infinite creative possibilities in a situation. An idea is genius. Believe in it and yourself, and lead with your heart.

Monthly Horoscope

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