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Uranus entered Taurus and your relationship zone in March, shaking things up. Now a new moon in Taurus on May 4 marks a new beginning for all your one-to-one relationships. There could be surprising new connections or sudden changes in relationship dynamics – detachment and acceptance will be key.

On the fifteenth, Venus enters Taurus and Mars enters Cancer, solidifying and sweetening important financial, emotional, love, and/or creative connections. Keep your channels of communication open, then you can get on the same page with significant others.

May 18 marks the Scorpio full moon and brings unexpected developments in a creative, personal, or financial relationship, pushing your boundaries. You can’t control another - or your desires - and you needn’t lower your standards. Ask for what you need and let go of expectations. Then pay attention to who shows up when you need them.

Keep your perspective. Be honest about how you feel, and nurture a long-term vision for your life. You can make conscious choices to invest in situations that align with your goals. Life is a journey, and you have worthy companions by your side.

Monthly Horoscope

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