Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

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Get ready for an especially busy month, Scorpio. Cosmic energy highlights your solar sixth house of productivity, demanding that you put more energy, effort, and time into balancing your routine.

The sun and new moon unite on April 11, opening a doorway for you to reestablish the perfect work/life equilibrium that you need. This is also one of the most important times of the year for you to look for a new job or take on more clients if you work freelance. This can improve your business success significantly. Also, because this same sector also highlights exercise and fitness, if you’d like to implement a better regimen, now is the time to do it.

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Later in the month, Mercury, Venus, and the sun align hand in hand in your solar seventh house of partnerships, smiling lovingly at you across the sky. Single Scorpios can find possible suitors with long-term potential, whereas those already dating or committed might discuss serious plans. This is an auspicious time for you regarding romance and affinity. With your co-ruler Mars also diving into the seafoam of a fellow water sign on the twenty-third, you’re going to possess even more allure and magnetism than usual!

This month’s most important gift from the universe has been saved for last: a full moon in your zodiac sign on April 26! This could see the culmination of an important personal goal within three days of this time, and it should be something you’ve been putting a great deal of energy into for the past six months. You’re in the spotlight now, so make the world bow to you.

Standout days: 26, 29, 30
Challenging days: 9, 22, 24

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