Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

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Partnership will be extremely important to you in January and February as mighty Mars dances across the sky from you, Scorpio. The universe is telling you that you must find the right partners at this time. Teamwork and collaboration are favored above all. Scorpios in committed unions will now feel the urge to make long-term plans with their significant other. Single Scorpios will feel an intrinsic urge to date and unite with people at this time, so be sure to look now.

This month’s new moon takes place on January 12, encouraging you to focus on important messages close to your heart, and it may see you begin a writing, speaking, or advertising initiative.

However, be sure to sign contracts earlier in the month because Mercury goes retrograde on the thirtieth. Whenever this occurs, you are not encouraged to launch new projects or negotiations because they will likely fail later on.

Your mind will also have a great deal of focus on your home and family now and in the year to come because of so much planetary activity in your solar fourth house. Many Scorpios will relocate or see their family shift and expand this year, so now might be a good moment to consider your opportunities.

To end a unique month is a full moon in your solar tenth house of achievement on January 28. This luminary will shed light on your ambitions and put your name in the stars! A promotion, new job, or opportunity for success and fame could suddenly appear around this time. Focus on hustling because it will pay off.

Standout days: 13, 28, 30
Challenging days: 12, 17, 23

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