Aquarius September Horoscope

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

It's not such a great period. You'll worry about your partner or about the relationship, something is wrong, or maybe the person you care for is not there. Distance seems to have something to do with your couple life in September: Venus, the planet of love, is in the house of distances and Mercury, the master of the "sex and passion" sector is there, too. In the happiest of scenarios, you'll travel to meet your love or you'll go on a trip together.You'll benefit from a great affective availability, you'll be hungry for love and tenderness.

You'll want a warm relationship, harmony and shared feelings. That's wonderful for a new love, both partners open-hearted. Excellent even for an older relationship, because there's consensus and good-will; joint projects will work very well, shared fun will be even better, and in some cases there are even prospects for a second honeymoon. You're getting things ready for the next month's energetic performance. You're not too bad now either, but still you have some more studying to do, or a business trip to take, or a contact to make with the representatives of a foreign company.

Who knows? Maybe you're thinking of moving to a different city or maybe even abroad Financially speaking, an increased interest in business or investments occurs and you might get some money from a side source.The work stress will be higher, but you won't cut any slacks, because you know you'll receive the reward at the end of the road. And even if you wanted to, you still couldn't take time out for yourself, because of the high, pressing financial obligations.

The money issue will become, one way or another, the axis around which all your life will revolve. Fortunately, partnerships and collaborations will be beneficial. The current stress is the source of a rather blue mood that releases all sorts of worries, fears and anxieties.

A calmer and more philosophical approach of problems can make your worries go away while cultural and spiritual preoccupations could relax you.With Mars in the house of health, you'll be threatened either by an intense solicitation, or by an increased exposure to infections, inflammations, muscle pains, burns and other accidents caused by haste or imprudence. Don't rush, avoid stimulants and don't risk uselessly!

September Horoscope

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Aquarius September Horoscope
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