Aquarius September Horoscope

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Mars will arrive in your sign this September and make you bold, enterprising and active. You will need to channel this energy in order to use it in your own interests as far as possible and avoid it turning into anger or aggression. You could also have to deal with a few setbacks this month with their origins in former habits or conditioning.

Events from the past could jog your memory as a result of such or such a circumstance, making you aware of what is preventing your complete fulfilment. If the path of your upbringing is no longer appropriate, the time will have come to bypass certain obstacles preventing you from feeling completely fulfilled. This could simply consist of shaking up your received ideas and accepting the need to move away from accepted norms, in order to act in accordance with your own criteria. You could have some choices to make on the professional front.

Love overview:
Follow your own aspirations and trust your intuition.

In a relationship:
If you are already in a relationship, you should be getting on well together. You will feel understood and supported by your partner, who will be full of empathy towards you and capable of assisting you on a daily basis.

Having en encounter this month won't be an impossibility, with someone with whom you will have greater affinity. The encounter could take place within an unusual, unconventional framework. It could be a case of love at first sight, when you will be attracted to each other intuitively rather than based on reason.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month will push you into action and encourage you to express in very definite terms what you are capable of achieving in a completely individual manner. Pursue your goals with determination, without letting yourself be influenced by opposition from elsewhere. You should also avoid getting angry, which would just be a waste of energy.

September Horoscope

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Aquarius September Horoscope
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