Aries September Horoscope

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Aries Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

You'll have the most exciting, but also the most complicated period of the year. Venus and Mars in the house of couples arouse your senses and make you very attractive - a strong combination that can at any time provide you a new love. Beware, though: crazy actions or passionate arguments are not excluded.

Mercury continues the cycle of its retrogradation in the same house focusing on couples, as well, especially from the point of view of communication and intellectual compatibility.With Venus in Leo, love predispositions will be quite obvious. You'll enjoy having fun, flirting, seducing. From the erotic point of view, you'll be in a warm, sensual phase, in which all senses will take part in the fulfillment of lust. You'll long for romanticism, maybe you'll be nostalgic...

If you have a steady or an older relationship, Mercury's retrogradation can alter the couple communication between 2 th and 22th September 2016. The first two decades will be crucial. The Sun will make a conjunction with Saturn in the house of jobs and they will both make a trine with Jupiter, located in the area of rank and fame.

There should be an event to put you forward, to get you closer to a better position. You'll come to a very advantageous point that will matter a great deal for the future. Collaborations and alliances will be very common, as competitions, rivalries and confrontations can be, as well. Financially, nothing special in store for you.You'll have a lot of responsibilities, you'll possibly need to catch up with something or get really involved in serious matters that require organization, strategy and patience. 

Money won't be a problem. You'll only have higher expenses and some misunderstandings in the first part of September 2016. A The Saturn-Uranus opposition has been pressuring the house of health for some time. The Sun-Saturn conjunction says that it's time you took some measures for your health and made some decisions regarding your lifestyle. Giving up stimulants, exercising more and a more balanced diet would come in very useful.

If you haven't done it recently, make an appointment at the dentist's.Throughout all Mercury's retrogradation your health might launch warning signals. More serious, it seems, in the second part of September 2016, that can reach a critical point around 15th September 2016 and around 21st-25th September 2016. There can occur problems of a physical nature or it can just be about high stress that alters the general condition. Domestic issues will also be soliciting.

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Aries September Horoscope
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