Cancer September Horoscope

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This month, you will be very much in tune with the atmosphere of the end of the holidays. If you have children, your concerns of the moment will all be directed by the organisation and shopping needing to be done for their return to school. However, you too could consider returning to study or training in any area that has tempted you for a while.

You will feel a desire to get moving, meet people and exchange ideas, and use this to get away from the daily grind. At this stage, this could be a case of vague plans, dreams and imagination, but keep these ideas in mind and note them down, as they could come to fruition one day, to your great satisfaction.

Love overview:
You will be less of a stay-at-home than usual and will get out of the house to meet anybody and everybody.

In a relationship:
The atmosphere won't be very rosy. Tensions, or at least a certain coldness, could prevail in the matrimonial climate. Even if this seems difficult, try to keep the dialogue going. Your relationship could be going through a phase of evolution and it will be your job to move this forward towards better mutual understanding and greater fulfilment for each of you.

This openness could be very profitable for you. With Jupiter and Venus, the two most benevolent planets in the sector of your life relating to romantic encounters, you will have every chance of having a pleasant one.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Nothing doing: this month, you will have to leave your comfortable nest and set off in discovery of riches elsewhere. You will have a lot to learn from your escapades and could even discover unforeseen treasures which will fill you with delight. Love could smile on you as you go along one of these paths.

September Horoscope

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Cancer September Horoscope
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