Cancer September Horoscope

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

With Mars in your sign, passion will be in the air. Your sexuality will be vigorous and will claim its rights, and the need for more action will tempt towards adventure. If you have the right match, September 2016 promises to be hot. If not, Mars may prove decisive and even aggressive when it is not humored.

You'll have the tendency to rush, which isn't to your advantage as Mercury's retrogradation over the ruler of your house of couples shows that you have some problems to go through and maybe make a decision.You're in for an important period in the relational area.

The trine between Saturn and Jupiter, which is located in the house of couples, promises stability and prosperity, with long term effects. Preparations are being made for a significant event. It could be an arrangement, a joint decision, maybe even an engagement or a wedding. Or maybe a special situation, on which occasion you could meet someone who'll play a special role in your life. Even if it is more soliciting, September 2016 can end up being a good month, with solutions and fulfillment. Mars in Cancer will lend you energy, courage and initiative.

And the fact that it's in good terms with the conflicting planets suggests that if you play your role well, you've got high chances to get the turbulent energies of the month to work in your favor. Still, be careful about negotiations and exams!An issue you've been insisting on lately is going to end successfully. Mostly intellectual activities, negotiations, collaborations and contracts will be favored in this period. It seems that you have to pass a test, a trial, to open your way to an improvement of your status and of your material situation.

You're quite preoccupied with an issue related to houses, possessions or investments. It's a motivating problem for you, mobilizing a great deal of your resources, but also stressing you very much. You'll have a lot of energy, which you should use on dynamic activities. Mars in Cancer can lead to accidents out of haste or imprudence, to acute fits or infections.Stress and tiredness. As for the rest, there's no reason for you to complain about your tonus.

But if you know your sore points, don't neglect them! Pluto won't be in the house of health for long any more, but while it's there  it can make surprises. Be careful when traveling, because there's a predisposition for accidents in the first part of the month!

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Cancer September Horoscope
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