Capricorn September 2019 Horoscope

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This is an exceptional time of reward and progress, and you may feel more confident about your future. Set realistic goals for the long and short terms, because you'll work more effectively from a plan. Team sports or group fitness classes can be great fun, and may also give you a chance to renew or create friendships. Adventure travel or outdoor sports can be appealing and may stimulate new challenges.

Friendships can be a source of inspiration and hope, and you may find that a love relationship is advancing because your friendship has grown.

Unconditional love makes a lot of sense now, and your ability to accept yourself and others allows you to rise above the petty issues that have previously gotten in your way. Make time to share romantic travel, or get out with your lover during the lunar eclipse on the 16th. A romantic rendez-vous can light the fire of passion.

The solar eclipse on the 1st stimulates a need to listen to your intuitive and visionary sensibilities. Actions taken now can clear the way for quick progress, and you'll also find it easier to manifest the ideas you've been hoping to realize. Even though Mercury is retrograding from the 1st-9th, you're still in a good position to negotiate. Just wait to sign important contracts until the 11th or afterward.

Getting involved in community activities or special interest groups can boost your career, and may even be a lot of fun.

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