Gemini September Horoscope

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

The atmosphere is really hot in the house of love, where Venus (love, tenderness), Mars (lust, sexuality) and Mercury (the ruler of your sign) are. Your hormones are restless and the wish for adventure is almost unbearable. The configuration supports especially free love, romanticism and eroticism. It has less to do with old and stable relationships. In the case of a stable relationship, the energy is used especially for home and children, but there could also be an intense revival of the sentimental life.

Communication will be an important thing in September 2016, especially when it comes to relationships, where it manifests slightly differently. In the first two decades you'll adopt a more reconciling, diplomat, even tender or courteous style. Compliments will come more easily, as well as romantic declarations and messages. There'll be, indeed, some exaggerations or confusions, but they won't be taken too seriously. The focus will be on trying to find common grounds, similar points of view on important issues.

September 2016 foreshadows as a complicated month, with stumbles and reruns, with situations that require analysis, attention and seriousness. Obstacles could come up, you might be forced to revise your plans. The family will support you in reaching your objectives. You'll have a dilemma regarding your house or properties or you'll consider investing in this area.

The financial area will be very active: earnings, spending, initiative. As for the rest, you'll have the chance of some pleasant and useful trips, meetings or discussions.The creative potential will be huge and can be rendered valuable with many benefits. September 2016 is an excellent month both for promoting your self-image and for speculating opportunities. Serious aspects, long term strategies and practical, material objectives are not neglected, either.

 It's a period of stability and commitment, which can attract enough guarantees so that you can afford to make an important investment either for a house or for family. Physically, there's no big deal to talk about. Maybe you should protect your breathing apparatus more and avoid catching a cold. Instead, you'll deal with a lot of psychological tension and you might experience some difficulties when trying to concentrate.You'll enjoy a lot of vitality and a good mental equilibrium. Some problems regarding the house or the family will cut down your enthusiasm but you'll recover very soon. September is an excellent month for exercising: ride the bike, go to the swimming pool, enter your name for a dancing course, etc.

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Gemini September Horoscope
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