Leo September Horoscope

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September won't be the easiest of months for you, as you will have to take some quite important decisions, which will commit you for quite a long time. The issues you will need to decide will bear on your finances. It could be a question of your income, but also financial issues relating to your loved-ones or partners.

In any case, you won't be making these decisions alone and could have to face some tenacious and even virulent opposition. Your authority could be contested, but you will have every asset for putting up resistance. You will show yourself to be quite clever in unmasking any machinations and appeasing conflicts by going for a constructive and skilful dialogue. You could also call on solid, serious suupport, which will help you defend your lawful rights. Ultimately, your situation should evolve in a positive way.

Love overview:
The month should proceed calmly ... except for couples.

In a relationship:
Those who are in a relationship will live in a more highly-charged climate with their partner, with whom they would like to share their concerns of the moment. Your partner will run the risk of being the scapegoat for your entire discontent, when you try to offload the tension you have accumulated and should have needed to control outside the home.

Your mind won't be on conquests. You will find the comfort you need from those close to you and your family, as well as what you need to recharge your batteries.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The month will be tense in terms of your affairs and your finances. You will need to keep your cool at the same time as your combative spirit, in order to look after your interests. Make sure you don't drag your spouse or loved-ones into this climate of tension. Try to unwind in a physical activity, so you can preserve a calm atmosphere at home.

September Horoscope

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Leo September Horoscope
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