Leo September Horoscope

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Leo Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

With Venus in your sign, your affective needs, will amplify considerably. You'll need love, friendship, cooperation and socialization like air. The likelihood that all this brings satisfactions is very high, but the final result depends only on your reason and moderation. The couple harmony can be affected by financial problems or contradictory attitudes to values.The ruler of the house of couples, Saturn, is in favorable relation with Jupiter, "the Great Benefic", so a period of relaxation and love is in store for you.

You'll have a greater influence on your partner than usual, which you could take advantage of to ask for something that you want and hasn't been offered to you yet. It'll be a month in which joint initiatives regarding work and finances have higher chances to succeed, which is good, because you'll need the money to reach a goal of yours. You'll cooperate very well, you'll be stimulated by the others' interest in your projects, as well as their projects can become interesting to you. You'll solve more things and faster together with the others.

Your desire to socialize might prove to be useful in your future career, on account of the connections made. But try not to trust anyone and stay away from envy and back stabs! Financially, things will get complicated and there can be situations demanding reevaluations or making certain decisions.

September is a dynamic month, full of measures, negotiations, traveling and communication. You'll have work capacity and you'll get everything done properly. Teamwork suits you in spite of the arguments sometimes and of the efforts you have to make to convince the others. The best news comes from the financial area where there will be a considerable improvement of the situation, the more rewarding as it represents the recognition of your merits and past efforts. You cannot complain about lacking good mood and you'll tend to look at the bright side of things. But that shouldn't mean neglecting your health.

September 2016 will not be too mild, and dangers might come along when and where you least expect them. Spare yourself, take care of yourself and don't risk anything!The Sun, your master, will be troubled by the conjunction with Saturn and the opposition with Uranus. Pay attention to the chronic diseases, to the teeth, bones and joints, the nervous system and the level of minerals in your body. Located in the house of health, Jupiter is also bothered by Mars, exposing to excesses. Prudence and moderation!

September Horoscope

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Leo September Horoscope
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