Libra September Horoscope

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September won't be one of the most comfortable months for you. Basically, you won't experience any unpleasant events, properly speaking, but rather a general atmosphere which will have a tendency to leave you feeling dissatisfied.

You who like to be surrounded by calm and harmony, preferring varied and intelligent contacts, will run the risk this month of experiencing withdrawal symptoms regarding pleasant exchanges with others and could even clash with people whose behaviour will lack courtesy. It could be a case of differences concerning material issues. This will make you feel ill at ease and force you to take a definite stance in areas you would usually prefer to ignore. You will therefore have a tendency to withdraw into your own territory and take refuge in the warmth of your home and family. That's where you will be able to find a certain serenity. A creative activity could also enable you to focus your attention far away from your current concerns.

Love overview:
Be patient. The skies will clear soon and taking a break will be advisable.

In a relationship:
Your partner will show you deep and reassuring feelings. With him/her, you will find the strength you need to face life's current ups and downs. Don't hesitate to confide your hopes and concerns in him. If you are

In the domain of love, and you are single, the month won't look very promising. Withdrawal would be your best strategy, with an opportunity to reflect on some of your past experiences and come to a conclusion about your real needs.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You are a very sociable person, but your need for exchanges with others could be quite disrupted this month. This could be the opportunity for a withdrawal, which you could turn to your advantage to develop your artistic talent. If you have a hobby, devote some time to it. Let your creative flair express itself.

September Horoscope

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Libra September Horoscope
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