Libra September Horoscope

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Libra Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

September is the most passionate month of the year. It couldn't be otherwise, since your sign is transited by Venus (love, tenderness) and Mars (lust, sexuality). Firstly, you have very strong erotic and affective needs. Secondly, the planetary influences give you an irresistible charm, which immediately draws the attention of the opposite sex. You can enjoy a fabulous month on the condition that you don't lose control completely, because you'll surely lose part of it. You'll have lofty aspirations regarding your relationship or maybe you'll have high standards for your partner. Any way, you won't accept less.

There's a tendency towards common interests in your couple, towards joint projects. Besides the pleasure of going out together and attending some social events, there can also be an overlapping between the couple and the career, stimulating your ambitions and encouraging the professional initiative. Many challenges and much pressure, especially in the work and career fields. It looks like you have to move on to a new phase, and it won't happen very smoothly.

You'll be ambitious and ready to fight, but you'd be more efficient if you attacked by cornering the enemy, and not by frontal attack. You'll find support and understanding with your friends and protectors. The ability to make correct decisions might be altered by retrograde Mercury between 2th and 22th September 2016.

Mars in your sign brings you ambition, energy, initiative and efficiency, and Venus helps you make use of your charm and connections to reach your goals. Theoretically, it's ok.  Mercury lays emphasis on intellect, communication, writing, documentation, traveling, negotiations and exchanges, things that you have to pay much attention to if you want to be successful.

Health needs to be monitored strictly. The most stressful configurations of September 2009 will have a great influence on this sector, so if you think something is not right, do something about it immediately and ask for a specialist to see you! Take it seriously!

You'll have much energy, as Mars in Libra makes sure that you don't lack it. It's possible though that you experience a sort of anxiety, inner restlessness, and that you are not yourself all the time. From the point of view of your health, the Sun's opposition with Saturn and the conjunction with Uranus that take place on the medical axis will raise your awareness in this regard in the former half of the month. Your tonus will increase after the 22nd.

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Libra September Horoscope
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