Taurus September Horoscope

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

The fact that your ruler, Venus, will be in conjunction with Mars almost the whole month will keep you in a permanent affective and erotic overexcitement. You're like a ripe fruit that needs to be picked. Still, you might try and control your impulses and hide your availability - the sensibleness you've got left urges you not to take risks. But if a dishy representative of the opposite sex attacks you, you have little chances to resist...

The thing is something special might come out of it! The Sun's passing through the house of affairs and lust will awake your desire for love, for something new or more passionate. Sexuality will come back to attention, and where it is the case, there'll be an analysis of failures and frustrations. Love life, in general, will be subjected to an analysis following which you might take some measures.

Communication will be very important to the relationship that has only to benefit from the problems being discussed. There'll be a lot of procedures for you to deal with, you'll need to move around, meet lots of people, and bravely support your point of view. You might take a course or start an informing campaign on your own, your knowledge could get tested, etc.

Your experience and intellect will play an important role. If you work in the artistic or entertaining domain, it's time you set up a promoting strategy (this goes for other professions as well).A lot of demands, a lot of action and pretty much stress! You've got a lot on your mind and time really presses you. In many ways inspiration can help you but you don't have to rely on it only. You'll have to strive to do your work in an organized, neat and careful way, because retrograde Mercury in the house of work can mess things up for you, and the results will be obvious especially after 22th.

Take precaution measures especially when it comes to communication, documentation and information. Broadly speaking, you'll be in a good shape. Indispositions, if any, are to be expected in the second week of September 2016 and around 23rd-24th September 2016. Your house will be an oasis of comfort and harmony, the place where you can get back your strength and balance your emotions.It's one of the best periods of the year to take care of your health. Even if you've got a lot on your mind right now, or maybe precisely because of that.

On account of over solicitation, your body could give in. Don't avoid doctors, relying on the strength of your body because you could be bearing an ailment and find out about it when it's already become chronic!

September Horoscope

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Taurus September Horoscope
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