Taurus September Horoscope

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With Uranus, who will have just moved into your sign, you will feel encouraged to shake up your habits and open up to things new. This could apppear to be quite a difficult experience as you like calm and stability.

Try however to be open to this influence of the stars, which could bring you ingenious inspiration and wonderful new ideas, enabling you to progress very effectively in your goals, especially since a number of planets will be supporting you this month and make you productive and effective. The arts, leisure and child care will be favoured areas. You will also be very active in your social life and on the work front. You could benefit from some unexpected and unforeseen opportunities, which would bring you a surfeit of work, though not without being accompanied by some promising prospects. Your abilities for organisation and your experience will help you take up the challenges on offer.

Love overview:
Try to find reassuring words to help your partner to be patient.

In a relationship:
Life will be difficult. Your partner could demand more space and greater attention from you. For your part, you will be overwhelmed by outside concerns and not really available for intimate relationships, which will earn you some bitter criticism.

September will smile on you and you could fall in love, which will give you a lift so you can face your responsibilities.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The challenges of this period will be considerable. It will be a case of shaking up your habits and points of reference, and opening up to change, to rediscover your personal dynamics and assert yourself in a genuine way. Don't be afraid of change. It will be beneficial in several areas of your life.

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Taurus September Horoscope
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