Taurus September 2019 Horoscope

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Summer's almost a thing of the past, but new dimensions of money-making open up after the 1st. If investing, try electronics, aviation, or the communication media. On the 4th, you're tempted to go over your budget in pursuit of entertainment. Call it one last summer fling!

After the 17th, when Neptune is direct in motion once again, plan a short fishing or boating trip. Try it on the 20th-22nd or 30th. The Eclipse on the 22nd foreshadows pleasurable activities if you can let go of outmoded, outdated, and archaic relationships and endeavors.

Your creativity peaks with projects that require attention to detail and polished skills. Free yourself from the past so you can begin anew! Venus continues to brughten up your romantic house until the 16th. A nice Capricorn, modest Virgo, or imaginative Pisces are your best companions until that time.

For the last two weeks in September a co-worker may come on to you. This is innocent enough at first, but similar aims and goals make you think there's more here than meets the eye. There isn't! After the 7th, work issues need attention. You have some decisions to make in an effort to make the work scene more palatable.

Avoid the 10th as a kick-off date for any job activities. Things are nebulous. Socialize with co-workers after the 16th to ease the tension and promote harmony.

The Moon on the 7th highlights friendships, groups, and organizations. Emotions are intense. Be sympathetic toward these things without making grave sacrifices!

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