Virgo September Horoscope

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The Sun and Mercury in your sign until the 22nd will favour both your intellectual activities and your radiance. Your communication skills will flow well and you will easily start up conversation, and find attentive listeners and participants whom you will know how to captivate. You will show evidence of curiosity and have a desire to keep moving.

Venus and Jupiter will also favour your exchanges with others, both in the spoken and written word. This month, you should make frequent use of the internet to search for information and also to contact the rest of the world. You will have a desire to get away and even though the holiday period will have just come to an end, you will have new projects in mind. You could also receive an unexpected travelling proposal, which will fill you with delight. In addition, this won't prevent you in any way from facing up to the many obligations of the end of the holiday period and making sure you organise this resumption of activity to the best of your ability. You will be full of energy and on top form.

Love overview:
Try to keep your feet on the ground and in particular, to clarify the situation.

In a relationship:
If you are in a relationship, this month will remain somewhat difficult. You will have difficulty in seeing things clearly in your relationship. Small mix-ups and a few lies could lead you to ask questions and take refuge in dreams about elsewhere, other things and different ways.

Your overwhelmingly sociable nature this month could lead you into some interesting encounters. Your charm and seductive powers could well hit the right note and awaken deep and serious feelings.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Take advantage of the wonderful energy this month to enrich your knowledge and relationships. Make the absolute most of the present moment and even if you make plans, don't let yourself get too carried away in futile thoughts and illusory dreams, which could prevent you from seizing the wonderful opportunities today.

September Horoscope

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Virgo September Horoscope
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