Virgo September Horoscope

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

The erotic potential is very high, you'll be tempted in this direction, but prudence forces you to think first. You are endowed with a sort of maturity that helps you bring discipline among your impulses. You want guarantees, you cannot let yourself be carried away. If the person you're longing for is worth it, you have big chances to start a lasting and happy relationship.

If he/she doesn't convince you, you'll probably step back, waiting for something better. And this is the best way to react, because the Saturn-Uranus opposition will test your relationships for many months to come and only those really solid will resist. Have faith, though, because September will sort things out for you!September 2016 will be a complicated period in the relational area.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition will induce tension and could even force the occurrence of some events that could somehow solve the situation. For some Virgo people, it can be about some clearing up and making decisions for the relationship to stand on a healthier basis. For others, it could even be about a breakup. Also, the circumstances could cause the revealing of secret feelings, helping those having hesitated to express themselves get closer. It's a good month as regards promotions or standing out.

The Sun in Virgo marks out your talents and competencies, lends you dignity and more authority. You'll be exploiting your creativity rigorously and systematically, doing your best. You might have to make a decision concerning your workplace or work style.

The passing of Mercury, Mars, Venus and of the Sun through Libra sharpens your financial sense. The income, expenses, investments, etc. will become very important and will influence your decisions. Beware, though! Avoid speculations, because you risk losing!September seems to be the most important month of 2016 and are to be expected conclusions or finalities regarding some issues of the past years.

Maybe you'll give something up and try something new. It's not easy, but it's necessary. Group actions will be stimulating and you might play an important part, even that of the leader, in such an activity or in the organization of an event that involves many people. Mercury's retrogradation might distress you financially between 2th and 22th September, but in the last decade the perspective is brighter. You're in a really good shape! ,

The Sun and Jupiter provide you energy and the good company Mercury, your ruler, is in lends you dynamism and a thriving mood. It's possible that your nervousness intensifies a little at the middle of the month and in the last week of it you might encounter some difficulties in concentrating, being attentive and coordinating.Maybe it's time you did a balance physically and/or psychologically, to spot the malfunctions and find cures. It seems that a change is necessary in your lifestyle or attitude...

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Virgo September Horoscope
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