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Welcome to 2019, Taurus! As you enter the year, you’re reaching a vantage point and milestone in your journey that’s asking you to clarify your noblest long-term goals. Then, as the Capricorn new moon and eclipse align on January 5, you can make solid progress toward them.

You’ve been reevaluating your relationships and they’re drawing you to a new level now - asking for deeper levels of surrender and trust. It’s never wise to trust blindly, but avoid judgment and keep your perspective on what’s unfolding.

You’re at the top of your game professionally, The Leo full moon and lunar eclipse on the twentieth mark the end of an 18-month phase of regaining inner confidence, so you can let your brilliance shine. You’re seeing the past in a new light, learning what you need to feel emotionally and financially secure and what drives you to do what you do in this world. You can have what you need and gain a lot on all levels (financially, emotionally, materially, spiritually). Be detached in an evolving scenario. Value yourself, be confident, wise, and humble and you can come out on top.

Standout days: 18, 22, 29
Challenging days: 11, 13, 21

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope
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