Taurus Monthly Horoscope

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On November 6, the moon conjoins Venus and people will want to be friendlier. Enjoy the bright vibes. The next day’s new moon brings you a cosmic infusion of love. It might be a fresh, new romantic interest already near and dear to your heart. You might have trouble not overreacting, but a big reaction might be appropriate.

On the ninth, the Venus-Mars trine makes it reasier to love. Venus finally goes direct on November 16 as Mercury goes retrograde. A relationship may thaw, but take your time anyway.

The full moon on November 22 could channel a financial opportunity or bring you a material windfall from a totally unexpected source. If you network more widely, more people will get interested in what you're doing and want to share or offer resources without you needing to ask.

Venus opposes Uranus on the thirtieth. Love what you've always loved and save romantic experiments for later.

Standout days: 1, 15, 24
Challenging days: 13, 22

Monthly Horoscope


Taurus Monthly Horoscope
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