Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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The November 7 new moon brings neighbors and friends together. It might not be a block party, but it will still feel like one. Get cooperation and make a lot of practical connections.

On the sixteenth, Venus goes direct shortly before Mercury goes retrograde. Stay organized, slow down on making decisions, and let a romantic matter settle down before celebrating.

Acquaintances or co-workers could make demands of you during the November 22 full moon, but you should be able to placate them with no trouble at all. This may take a bit of time away from family or home life, but it should be nothing too severe. You can make a lot of people happy now.

Mercury squares Mars on the twenty-sixth. The next day, the sun and then Jupiter conjoin Mercury. For these two days, trust your feelings and instincts more than your intellect. Thinking is fine, but feelings are more insightful.

Standout days: 14, 16, 27
Challenging days: 19, 29

Monthly Horoscope


Virgo Monthly Horoscope
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