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Life will be very busy for you in 2021, Virgo, so get ready! Mighty Mars moves into your solar ninth house of expansion this month and stays until March. This means that many Virgos will be especially focused on academic, media, publishing, or international matters. Legal issues can also appear during this time.

However, a lovely cosmic blessing this month will be the sparkle radiating from your solar fifth house of fertility and romance. The sun will be heating this arena up like a furnace! A new moon in this zone materializes on January 12 and opens a doorway for you to find love if you’re single or improve your rapport with your partner if you’re already committed. Some Virgos may have luck in conceiving if you’re trying. And if you harbor creative talents, new inspiration is certain to cross your path at this time.

However, despite the exciting new possibilities, you will begin to notice a slower pace approaching as early as mid-January because your ruler Mercury will be turning retrograde on the thirtieth. You are especially affected any time this occurs, and you could feel as though your mind is in a fog. Projects hit snags and you may feel the world grind to a halt. This period will especially affect your work projects, so realize that you might need to make some adjustments down the line in February.

The month ends with a full moon in your solar twelfth house of rest and healing on January 28, further causing you to pull back, wait, and reflect. Focus on lying low at this time to see what the universe brings your way.

Standout days: 4, 8, 14
Challenging days: 9, 23, 26

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