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While it appears that June was certainly confusing for you, Virgo, July will still continue to have some things you need to sort out. Whenever Mercury, your planetary ruler, is out of phase, you feel especially affected. Last month, he spun off the rails, and you will continue to experience his nuisance until July 12. However, on the bright side of things, he’s sliding backward in your social sector, meaning you could reconnect with an old acquaintance and pleasantly catch up (solar eleventh house). How wonderful!

Throughout this month, Venus, planet of attraction, will bring you enjoyable career developments (solar tenth house). If you’re out of work and looking for the perfect job, it appears you could find a magnificent opportunity if you rely on your charm and work ethic.

Earlier in the month, though, exciting news should appear due to a powerful lunar eclipse in your fertility sector (solar fifth house). This spectacular eclipse represents that you await a destined moment in relation to love or creative matters. Some Virgos could cross paths with a soul mate or realize they’ve fallen in love more deeply than ever before. Others could witness a surprise pregnancy or give birth. Last, if you’re an artist, you could debut one of your creative works to happy applause.

When the sun and moon meet on the twentieth, you will feel your social life get another jolt of energy at this time (solar eleventh house). Consider expanding your network or enjoying more time with friends, even if it’s just through digital means.

Finally, when the sun moves into the most private and reclusive sector of your chart, you’ll be feeling the urge to turn within and recharge (solar twelfth house). Do it now so you’re fueled for the months to come.

Standout days: 4, 27, 30
Challenging days: 14, 20, 27

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