Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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March 2018 - The March 1 full moon starts your month off with a flash bang of self-confidence and fully deserved self-importance. Be modest, but be fully you. The new moon on the seventeenth is for love and romance. You may not meet your soul mate, but you could clearly visualize such a person. Bask in the romantic glow of the day. On March 22, Mercury goes retrograde in Aries. Reexamine something you've recently started. You could probably improve on it. The full moon, a blue moon, brings moneymaking opportunities on the month’s last day. It could also bring a valuable gift or reciprocation of a favor done long ago.

Standout days: 4, 5, 20
Challenging days: 10, 22

Monthly Horoscope


Virgo Monthly Horoscope
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