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A little more — and the year 2020 will come. What will he bring to us? The White Metal Rat represents a year with repeating numbers — two twos and two zeros. Astrologers consider such a combination to be mystical, and epoch-making is attributed to temporary periods with a combination of double signs. Do not forget that the Rat of 2020 has a “metallic” character, which will be manifested in the ability to defend their own opinions and to achieve the goals. But at the same time, the year promises to be more than ever unpredictable for all the characters of the Eastern calendar. Who is waiting for luck, and whom — meaningless efforts?

What will be the year of the Rat, will depend primarily on the personal intentions of each. Anyone who acts honestly and openly, showing intelligence and ingenuity in actions, will have chances of success - this is totem white. The greatest months are marked by the winter months, in the spring of many of us we expect changes in our personal lives and careers. And summer months promise to become the most peaceful and favorable period.

Who will be lucky in love in 2020

Love — who would argue? — the most important, even fundamental feeling for a person. Indeed, without it, the meaning in life, as such, disappears, the incentives to meet the new day and the reasons for joy testing in it disappear. Someone will notice now that according to a very old, bearded anecdote, it can be different (including to the Homeland, and with slides ...), but today we are only interested in romantic feelings.

At the same time, one can definitely say that if you were looking for romance in the Rat, you did it absolutely in vain — you need to look for a more down-to-earth, pragmatic and rational sign of the Eastern tradition. However, family is everything for her. The rat is amorous, and always with far-reaching intentions. However, she is disappointed, and switches to another object of interest with no less enthusiasm. Therefore, many of her waverings, until she becomes stable at home, can sometimes be shocking. But, if she gains ... She clings to him with a truly bulldog grip and no longer releases her love happiness from sharp teeth and claws for anything. Consider this, all lovers of easy and windy relationships!

Almost all signs of the zodiac in the coming year, the Rat provides a chance to meet their happiness. However, the most likely chance to come together with their half from Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. And some members of signs such as Cancer and Scorpio can change their status to “engaged”, or even “married”. Pisces, Capricorns and Lions will experience the least luck in the love sphere. For Gemini, in the romantic sense, this year will be very ambiguous — a kind of swing, the ride on which will be crowned with love only if they are observant and sensitive enough to recognize their chance in the immediate environment. Rather, for them it will be a year of change and liberation from past relationships, than a search for future ones.

Luck in business and career in 2020

Extremely unsuccessful in the business plan for Aries will be the year 2020, but only if they themselves act as the initiators of something — in the role of partners, performers everything will turn out very well for them. Tauruses are waiting for well-deserved rewards, but if they forget that they need to move forward continuously, they will soon have to regret their own relaxation. The year of waiting, accumulation of forces and ideas for the future comes for Gemini — they are recommended to listen more than speak, and devote maximum time to creativity. For Cancers, the time is coming for forced compromises, a constant fear of disclosing their secrets, as well as undeserved grievances against the leadership.

Leos, as they say, are not lucky in love — lucky in work. The year will be very successful in the business field, but if you do not hold your horses and do not gradually increase the pace, there will be a rollback to many years ago. In Virgos, the year is expected to be calm, quiet, there will be time for rest and analysis. Scales stars promise a year of change, new experiences and sensations — most likely, change jobs, and even the scope of activities, reanimate past useful contacts and get help from a completely unexpected side. For Scorpions, the year of study and self-improvement begins, but it’s worth the work less, because no one will appreciate your efforts anyway. As for Sagittarius, they are waiting for a year of immersion in themselves, planning and introspection. And do not try to remember old ideas — it will not turn out to be any good.

Capricorns will succeed in business, but only if they are sufficiently persistent and self-confident. But Aquarius, in order to get at least something for their work, will have to try a lot. Conflicts in the workplace, braking or even descending the career ladder await them, but the losing streak will not last long — at the end of the year, fate will turn to you and you will be surprised how much she loves you! Pisces next year financial transactions, crediting, and also any serious decisions are contraindicated — take a break and think a few times before you get involved in something. In general, astrologers insist that 2020 will be a very difficult year for all signs of the Zodiac, but, Libra, Lions and Aquarius, nevertheless, carry in business will be a little more than the rest.

Success in communication and friendship

Aries in any case can not insist on their opinion — try yourself not as a leader, but as a follower, no matter how unusual and unpleasant for you. In addition to the new experience will get a lot of preferences, which have not dreamed of. We strongly recommend Taurus to carefully look at those who are asking for them as friends or partners — for you the chance of deception in this case is at the maximum moment! Twins are advised to forget about their eloquence, otherwise you will be able to find more enemies than supporters. In addition, listening and hearing you will be much less than usual. Cancers are recommended to declare a year of honesty in front of themselves and others, reveal all the abscesses of secrets and live on with a clear conscience.

In Lions in relations with other people everything will be, as usual, unless you are advised to think twice before saying or doing something. Otherwise, you can lose even the most selfless comrades. Virgin stars are strongly advised to keep their temper and criticism in check, otherwise everything said could turn against you. Remember that if you do not take into account the characteristics of the audience, you can not only not hear, but also misunderstand. In Libra, however, the time of nostalgia and memories comes, you will want to reanimate old contacts, and new hobbies will bring with them a change in social circle. Scorpio, in order to survive in 2020, will have to call for help all his cunning and the ability to flatter people. You must be emphatically kind and disinterested, and only then can you convince others that you are right.

For Sagittarius, the time of selfishness and rest from people is coming — in spite of the fact that the environment and circumstances will require you to take a desperate risk, this cannot be done in any way. Capricorns will face a tense and difficult year, and if they don’t make concessions, they will lose all their friends and partners. To Aquarius, the stars promise a year of surprise: those who treated you well will suddenly become enemies, and the old detractors, on the contrary, will sign up as good friends. Astrologers advise Pisces to apologize more often and not to conflict, to be as patient as possible and spend more time with their loved ones.

Here is such a year waiting for all the signs of the zodiac. For some, it will be more successful, for someone — less. However, it is worth remembering that this is only life in all its diversity, that there are no ups without falls, and without loss we are not in a position to appreciate the acquisitions. It remains for us to wish all our readers to receive all that maximum of luck, which fate has prepared for them and to remember that, however it is, is in your hands!

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