Cancer 2017 Horoscope

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Jupiter in Sagittarius through December 17 accents your solar Sixth House of work and health. This happy, upbeat planet associated with good fortune and opportunity can help you beat the odds in the game of life. But there are no guarantees! Sometimes Jupiter promises more than it delivers or compounds what would otherwise be a manageable situation. Keep that in mind as the year unfolds and you’re tempted to snap up every lucky job break that comes your way. Examine the opportunities, though, because it’s possible, for example, that excessive work—the desire to do it all—could negatively affect your health. But Jupiter can be just the motivation you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, including moderate, stress-reducing exercise and a more nutritious, balanced diet. And as your energy rises, so will your life outlook, which, in turn, will attract more of Jupiter’s beneficial energy.

Saturn completes its trek through Leo, your solar Second House of income, this year. By now you’ve experienced some of the ups and downs that accompany this transit, which has challenged you to address your financial attitudes.

Given your strong need for financial security, Saturn’s influence can trigger austerity thinking when what you really need is tighter budgeting and knowledge to more effectively manage your resources. That includes the principle of letting your money circulate. With good intentions and a positive attitude, what you spend or donate—within reason—is more than likely to be returned to you several times over. But start slowly and test the waters rather than jump in feet first, if for no other reason than to convince yourself. Give someone you love (maybe you?) a small gift for no reason other than to express affection. Or amaze and delight your children by indulging their latest whim—even if it’s overpriced by your standards. Gradually, you’ll detect a subtle shift as you begin to think and embrace abundance. After Saturn enters Virgo on September 2, your focus begins to shift from money to knowledge and communication. Learn all you can in the next two years, whether through a class, reading on your own, or talking with and observing people. At times your thoughts will focus on the past, but stop short of regrets. Find the message in

the memories instead, learn from them, and put the experience to good use in daily life, relationships, and your career.

Uranus, now in its fifth year in Pisces, continues to touch your spiritual heart as it encourages you to broaden your physical and mental horizons. Travel, delve into metaphysics, or study a subject that’s always tickled your fancy. If business sends you out of town, take a few extra days to explore the area, and aim for a luxury trip later this year or next. Consider a learning vacation, such as a week at a gourmet cooking school, a walking tour of ancient ruins or one of the world’s major capitals, or a hands-on seminar to develop your creative talents. Uranus also can lead you in unexpected directions as it boosts your sixth sense and invites fresh insights into life, love, and what you value most.

Your outlook will evolve as the year advances and you begin to discover new truths and, with them, the desire to share your newfound knowledge with others. This could manifest as an interest in teaching in a traditional or nontraditional setting, or as the passion to pursue your true calling in life, starting with the education that will help you realize your dreams.

Where Saturn in Leo emphasizes your money, Neptune in Aquarius spotlights joint resources, including inheritance, insurance, investments, benefits, retirement accounts, and partnership funds. Neptune is as much the planet of illusion and confusion as it is of enlightenment. But it can be tough to look through the haze to identify which is which. Although realistic Saturn aids that process this year, it’s still wise to consult well-qualified, certified professionals before making major financial decisions that can have long-term consequences. You, your partner, or both may have already experienced some of Neptune’s effects because it’s been in Aquarius since ten years ago. If so, benefit from that knowledge, especially what you learned seven years ago when Saturn contacted your Sun from practical Taurus, a sign that’s as security- and value-conscious as you are. On another level, spiritual Neptune encourages you to have faith and to trust in the universe. Not blindly, but as an exten-sion of yourself that’s based on wisdom, facts, and the belief that you deserve the best from life.

This year is the last of Pluto’s long transit through Sagittarius. During the past twelve years your work life has undergone many changes as this transformative planet sometimes pushed you to

take bold steps and at other times to retreat and regroup. You’ve undoubtedly learned the ins and outs of workplace politics and how best to manage everything from your time and talents to the boss and co-workers. Now it’s time to cash in!

This year is the one you’ve been working and waiting for, when all your hard work can pay off. With luck and opportunity on your side, you’re set for a step up—one that will have you on your way to ever-increasing gains over the next five years. There are, however, two caveats to this rosy picture. Take on only what you’re sure you have the knowledge and experience to handle. Otherwise you could lose, rather than gain supporters who can benefit you this year and next. As you make your mark, also try to remember that no one, including you, is invincible. Commitment can become obsession, and overconfi- dence can trigger power struggles. Maintain your perspective and empower others as you share the load and the credit.

This year’s eclipses—two solar and two lunar—are in Virgo and Pisces, your solar Third and Ninth Houses. They reinforce the emphasis on learning and education, as well as travel. If a long vacation is out of the question, consider periodic weekends away without your cell phone or computer.

2017 Horoscope

Cancer 2017 Horoscope
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