Cancer 2020 Horoscope

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During the whole year, Saturn will gravitate over Cancer in a special way. The two first months of the year, this planet will be in a retrograde position in Cancer. This will make the sensitive Cancer begin to feel that no effort is worthed, and enter in a state of melancholy. But from March the 8th onwards, Saturn again takes a direct position in the sign and, from that place, will encourage all kind of activities and favour the social and familiar relationships. Until November the 9th, when they will be positioned in a retrograde way, Cancer have the opportunity of fulfilling their dreams.

In March, from the 9th onwards, will be an ideal time to formalize engagements, plan the arrival of a baby or begin lasting affective relationships. Venus from Taurus will provide their influences in order to make every emotional relationship succeed. The already formed couples will enjoy a time of peace and harmony within the family. The first half of May, Mercury in Aries will give them a boost, in order for them to risk and change things in their homes. Cancer will dare to confess their love, even with the risk of being rejected. Those who are in a relationship will notice their sexual life improving. The fire that this planets bring will increase their erotism and personal magnetism.

Don’t let yourself be taken by anger, as this time is also propitious for misunderstandings. Avoid criticizing or offending the other because of trifles. Because of your extreme sensitivity you may lose a beautiful relationship if you don’t know how to communicate your feelings calmly and clearly.

Many Cancer will establish themselves, and dare to start little companies. Almost the entire month of June, the presence of Mars in your own sign will promote meetings with friends. In that same month, Jupiter from Virgo will help to solve pending legal matters. In september, there will be a favourable conjunction for Cancer.

Mars will go to Virgo’s House and Jupiter, still in that house, will add its strengths to the warrior planet. Both planets will sharpen Cancer’s intellect. With its good judgement, they will be able to start successful plans. Good moment to begin postponed careers or sitting for exams.

During the year, the planets will force natives to make deep reconsiderations regarding their relationship with others. A conscience exam will allow them to make healthy self-criticism. They will grow inside, and will be able to see everything in a more objective way, being more sympathetic. At the end of the year they will become shy and try to hide behind a shell of indifference. The reason is that, from November the 9th onwards, Saturn will go back to its retrograde position in Cancer and make Cancer suspicious of everything. This will possibly be due to some love dissapointment suffered in the previous months.

2020 Horoscope


Cancer 2020 Horoscope
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