Capricorn 2017 Horoscope

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This is a year of consolidation and preparation as Jupiter comes full circle, poised to enter your sign in the next year. Now in Sagittarius, your solar Twelfth House of self-renewal, Jupiter encourages you to look within. Let your thoughts first drift to twelve years ago, when Jupiter was last in Sagittarius, the year you began this journey.

In the intervening years you have learned much about yourself and how you respond to people, situations, and events.

Now you can pull it all together and zero in on exactly what motivates you and what holds you back. With that knowledge you’ll be ready to greet Jupiter on December 18 as it enters Capricorn and motivates you to embrace and pursue new personal directions. This year is also a lucky one in which you’ll benefit from the protection of Jupiter’s guardian angel position in your horoscope.

In reality, this influence is part intuition and part good fortune; it can help you defy the odds to turn events in your favor, sometimes at the eleventh hour. But don’t count on it 100 percent of the time because Jupiter can be as fickle as it is faithful and fortunate.

With Saturn now in the final stretch of its two-year Leo transit, you may have already felt the restrictive influence of this planet. However, Saturn’s trip through your solar Eighth House of shared resources and other people’s money can be an equally positive period, with increased income and other financial rewards. You’re most likely to experience both sides of Saturn, so it’s wise to save when the money flows. That way you’ll have a nest egg when budgeting is tight. Because Saturn is the planet of experience and responsibility, this transit also encourages you to educate yourself about money management: investing, saving, spending, and debt. What you learn and the habits and attitudes you adopt will be tested seven, fourteen, twenty-one, and twenty-eight years from now as you measure your long-term financial progress. Saturn moves on to Virgo, your solar Ninth House of travel and knowledge, September 2. You might decide to return to school to complete your education or earn an advanced degree or certification. If you feel this is what you want to do, get the funding in place before Saturn enters Virgo. You may be eligible for a loan, scholarship, or tuition reimbursement.

The unexpected continues to be more the norm than the exception with Uranus in its fifth year in Pisces, your solar Third House of communication and daily activities. Some days are hectic, some calm, and Uranus keeps you guessing as to which will be which. This can be a challenge for your take-charge approach that includes leaving little to chance. Try to view this ongoing influence as an opportunity to discover the delights of life’s more spontaneous moments. (Yes, they really can be fun!) Uranus also promotes change. Unexpected events are likely, but Uranus’s major influence here relates to your thoughts and attitudes. Talk with people, open your mind to new information and viewpoints, and use your imagination in problem-solving and decision-making. With patience and faith, you can learn to trust your instincts. Combine intuition with your practical outlook to take your unique style of creative thinking to a new level.

Neptune continues its long transit through Aquarius, your solar Second House, the sign it entered in eleven years ago. This mystical, visionary planet is also the master of illusion. It can inspire and disappoint you, spark confusion and clarity. All these factors continue to influence your personal finances this year, although on a subtle level to which you’ve by now become somewhat accustomed. You’ve also probably experienced the more apparent effects of Neptune here: money seems to disappear into thin air, but, more often than not, it also appears when you need it. Getting ahead is the challenge and one that can be overcome if you believe in yourself. As much as your solar Second House is about money, it’s also about what you value. Put yourself at the top of the list! In many respects your earning power at this time is directly linked to the value you place on your skills and talents, so don’t sell yourself short. Strive for a bank balance that reflects what you’re worth—and then some.

Pluto concludes its twelve-year trip through Sagittarius this year. Known as the planet of transformation, Pluto’s motto is out with the old, in with the new. Its influence in your solar Twelfth House is primarily internal, nudging your subconscious into a more conscious state. This is a period of mental housecleaning as Pluto encourages you to free yourself from deep-seated concerns, worries, and fears, some of which may inhibit you from reaching your full potential. You’ll want to complete the transformation process this

year so you feel confident and empowered when Pluto enters your sign in the next year.

This year’s eclipses in Pisces and Virgo, your solar Third and Ninth Houses, spotlight learning, travel, and spirituality. Learn all you can about yourself and the world around you, and stretch your mind with new information.

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Capricorn 2017 Horoscope
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