Gemini 2017 Horoscope

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Although simple solutions might elude you this year as questions outnumber answers, you’re nevertheless well-placed to make significant strides. Success can come through others, and career and relationships can be profitable. It’s important, however, to first identify your needs and motivations. Think, dream, talk with—and listen to—people you respect. Clarity then emerges, along with fresh insights and a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

Bountiful Jupiter traveling through your solar Seventh House can bring lucky personal and professional connections, as well as some life-changing ones. Romantic opportunities link some Gemi- nis with a future mate, and others decide to take a relationship to the next level as marriage and commitment become priorities. Success can come through a business partnership, but thorough research, expert advice, and a conservative financial approach are paramount considerations. December brings a turning point in a close professional or personal relationship. Try to restrain yourself even though you feel compelled to take action. Words spoken and decisions made at this time are final. Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 18, signaling the start of a year-long focus on money matters involving others. Chances are you’ll gain financially from this fortunate transit, but you also could end up owing more. Save, and pay down debt.

You can benefit from two lessons as Saturn transits Leo: planning and organization. This emphasis on your solar Third House of communication is also an opportunity to further your education. The tough part is deciding what you want to learn and how it can best benefit your ambitions. You’ll also find yourself thinking more about the past as a first step toward resolving what holds you back. Counseling could help identify the key issues as well as creative solutions, especially from February through July.

You could meet a soul mate in August or, at the least, someone whose wisdom empowers you to welcome new horizons with strength and confidence. Saturn’s focus switches to domestic matters and new beginnings from September 2 on, when it enters Virgo, your solar Fourth House. Begin here to lay the foundation for what you want to achieve in fourteen years, when Saturn can bring well-deserved rewards.

If your thoughts drift toward remodeling your home or purchasing a new one, wait until next year to put your plans in motion. Funding will be easier to acquire.

You’ve probably already experienced the effects of unpredictable Uranus, which continues its seven-year transit of Pisces, your solar Tenth House of career. Now at its midway point, you can expect unexpected opportunities to pop up. A calculated risk—one backed by solid facts and figures—could work to your advantage if you’re ready to assume the accompanying responsibilities. Look for initial developments in January, when a chance encounter could set the ball rolling, and await further developments in May and again in October.

Neptune’s ongoing multiyear tour of Aquarius inspires you to delve into the mysteries of life and, on a practical level, gain knowledge that can boost your career potential. Travel, also associated with your solar Ninth House, can widen your perspective. Because Aquarius is the universal sign of friendship and groups, your inquiring mind might enjoy a travel-learning tour. The most favorable months are October and November, when timing also is good for a romantic Neptune getaway. Be prepared this year, however, to come face-to-face with truths you’d rather avoid. The smart choice is to be pragmatic rather than dwell on ideals, even when disillusioned. Consider yourself wiser for having learned from the experiences that occur in March and June.

Pluto is nearing the end of its long trek through your solar Seventh House, which it completes next year. This transformative planet prompts you to re-examine all you’ve learned about relationships in the past twelve years. Mend hurt feelings, even if they’re only your own, and nurture fresh starts with the most important people in your life. Endings are also possible as you look to the future and your best interests, but might best be postponed until next year.

This year’s four eclipses—two solar and two lunar—highlight your Fourth and Tenth Houses. Each encourages you to find a balance between career demands and your home life, triggering activity and change in those areas. Some Geminis relocate for a job, and others pursue new career opportunities, in part, to establish roots.

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Gemini 2017 Horoscope
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