Pisces 2020 Horoscope

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The presence of important planets in close water signs will provide an appropriate background for the natives to develop their intuition and express their sensitivity, specially regarding art. However, so much water in the zodiac will also boost the negative aspects of the sign.

Pisces natives will realize their indecision when it comes to trivial matters increases, and probably exaggerate when facing any problem. As a result, they will prefer to shelter in their inside and fall into silence and isolation. Their house will be their shelter, and many people will be left outside their close circle. This emotional block will cause familiar conflicts with in laws, that will feel rejected without any reason. Pisces must make an effort to show themselves as kind people, even in the moments in which they would rather be isolated and alone.

The sons of Neptune will also feel this year the influence of their regent planet in Aquarius, to work in anything that requires creativity. The craftsman and artists will be favoured by this planetary movements. Those natives who work as employees will also be benefited, as it will help teamwork and comradeship. Their regent will also help awakening their practical sense, helping to overcome economic difficulties that will appear in the first half of the year.

To the extent that Pisces get down to the earth, being realistic, practical and not avoiding responsibilities, they will revert the unfavourable situation and even improve their financial situation. In the months of September and October, they will have to take charge of a relative that will requiere economic help and affective support.

Pisces’ sensitivity will stand out, as the natives will help others generously. During the entire year, they have to be alert regarding work offers coming from abroad, promoted by Pluto’s presence in Sagittarius. There will be possibilities of going on long journeys for economic purposes or settling down in another country to work.

Regarding the affective field, Saturn’s presence in Cancer will lead them to go through some sad moments, specially if they decide to keep living in the past. Don’t reproach your couple for things that can’t be repaired.

Look forward and let the love in your heart flourish. Pisces must make an enormous effort in order to forget and, specially, forgive, the hardest part for the resentful of the zodiac. The coupes formed this year will have the blessing of several planets, but they will also be marked by an extreme hypersensitivity. They will have to be careful of externalizing their feelings too much, in order not to drown the others.

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Pisces 2020 Horoscope
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