Pisces 2020 Horoscope

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People, friendship, work, play, finances, and close relationships will be in the forefront this year as the outer planets and six eclipses highlight your solar chart sectors.

Leading the way is Saturn, which will nearly complete its trip through Virgo, your solar seventh house, when it enters Libra October 29. (Saturn will return briefly to Virgo next spring.) Relationships have been a key focus since Saturn entered Virgo. Some of these were undoubtedly difficult and others ultimately positive. The trend continues this year, and you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen some ties, while others will fade into the past.

But Saturn here is not necessarily negative, despite what you may have heard or read. Many relationships actually thrive under this influence, with couples becoming closer than ever before, and others have the motivation to commit to lifetime togetherness. What you’re likely to do is to consciously distance yourself from some people, possibly friends who no longer fit in your life as they once did.

Some people will enter your life for a specific reason—to teach you something or to learn from you. These may be karmic connections, and you’ll feel an instantaneous bond with them. Oddly enough, you may dislike these people yet be drawn to them. That should be your first clue that the universe has brought you together for some purpose.

People from the past may resurface this year, especially old friends. But think carefully if a former romantic interest expresses a desire to resume the relationship. It may work out the second time around. The chances are greater, however, that it won’t, so do yourself a favor and remember why you decided to move on.
All of these things are true of Saturn, but this serious, stable planet will be challenged by Uranus in Pisces this year. And that adds an entirely different scope to the potential events of 2020.

Uranus has been in your sign since six years ago, so you’ve probably already experienced its ability to trigger the unexpected as well as sudden insights about yourself and your world. All these internal changes

will manifest outwardly in some way. You might decide to pursue an entirely different career direction, for example, as a way to express your new-found independence, which Uranus encourages.

As Saturn and Uranus form an exact alignment in February and September across your solar first-seventh house axis you may suddenly decide to end a close relationship. Or at least that’s how it will appear to other people. In reality this is something you’ve been thinking about for some time, when these two planets first contacted each other. Be cautious. Changes initiated under a Uranus transit are usually irreversible, and with Saturn involved you could ultimately regret the decision.
If a relationship truly isn’t working out, however, your best choice might be to part ways.

Only you can decide the right thing to do, but be aware that there are alternatives if you’re both open to compromise. Much of this centers on you and your changing needs and desires and whether you can find a way to fulfill them and maintain the status quo. Explore the options, first on your own and then together.

Jupiter, planet of good fortune will enter Aquarius January 5 to begin its year-long tour of your solar twelfth house. Placed here, it functions as a sort of Guardian Angel, watching over you and protecting you. Not that you’ll be able to get away with anything and everything! But Jupiter here has the reputation for coming to the rescue at the eleventh hour to save the day and often at the least expected moment. Just don’t rely on it to bail you out all the time.

You’ll be more than usually content with your own company this year, and meditation or even listening to music can help you access your inner voice. Listen to your intuition especially in career matters, where you may benefit from hidden support. Unfortunately, the opposite could also be true because Jupiter will join forces with illusive Neptune in May and December. So be cautious about what you say to whom. Someone who appears to be a supporter may actually try to undermine your position. The toughest part will be in knowing who’s on your side and who’s only pretending to be.
Yet this Jupiter-Neptune union will also boost your sixth sense and encourage you to explore your spirituality. It will certainly touch your compassionate soul and inspire you to help others.

Again, caution will be necessary because some people will try .to take advantage of your good intentions. Be selective and help people help themselves rather than give them a handout.

Pluto will continue its journey through Capricorn, which it entered last year. Placed in your solar eleventh house, this tiny but powerful planet will impact your friendships during the next fifteen years. You’ll connect with important people as well as those who have the ability to transform your life in some way, and you’ll do the same for others either one-on-one or as a driving force in a charitable organization or professional group. With Pluto involved, power plays and politics are likely to be part of the scenario, and you’ll need to step back periodically and look at things objectively. Otherwise your passion for your mission could become all-consuming.

It will be later in the year, however, when Pluto will be at its strongest. Saturn, which will enter Libra October 29, will clash with Pluto through year’s end. Because this is your solar eighth house of joint resources you should avoid any financial dealings with friends, groups, or organizations no matter how much people lean on you. This also would be a poor time to get involved in a fund-raising effort, for example, or to accept a leadership position that requires you to take responsibility for a group’s finances.
The Saturn-Pluto alignment also advises caution with personal and family money matters.

Try to avoid major financial decisions the last two months of the year, and take precautions to safeguard financial information—even with friends. This is not the time to place your faith in other people or to blindly trust anyone where money is involved.

Finances will benefit from a conservative approach the next three years as Saturn travels in Libra. Make it a priority to pay off any consumer debt and try not to incur more. Also put yourself on a budget that includes a savings plan, and try to use cash instead of credit. You’ll be amazed at how little you buy and you’ll be rewarded by seeing credit card balances drop and assets rise.

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