Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope

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The active and restless temperament of Sagittarius will be evidenced this year, due to the movements of several planets through fire signs, that will double their momentums and strengthen them in order to start all kinds of actions. Their extraversion, however, can cause them problems in their working field, as they don’t know how to shut up in time and keep their thoughts for themselves.

A moderate and conciliatory attitude, added to their ineffable good mood, will make them conquer friendships, professional positions and accomplish familiar harmony. Pluto in Sagittarius will be their indisputable ally and force them to make deep internal transformations, that will change their philosophical and religious conception.

The first part of the year, some planets that sit in houses of water may complicate their position regarding love.

Many Sagittarius will be easily excited and disappointed with the same quickness, causing constant meetings and useless break ups. March, April and May, with Mars in Gemini, will make the Sagittarius even more volatile. It will be hard to capture them, both for a romance or family meetings.

The presence of Jupiter in Virgo for the most part of the year will force them to take their occupations seriously and establish in a concrete place. The psychic balance of Sagittarius may be in dancer for the last months of the year, due to some events that will find them with their defenses down. It can be moving out, an unexpected journey or a break up. The reality is that they will have to be specially careful when it comes to self-esteem. It’s highly unlikely for a Sagittarius to be depressed, but with Saturn and Uranus in retrograde positions, they may be sensitive.

Despite Sagittarius always lives in the present, they will have to plan the future and secure the economic future. If not, the financial ups and downs may affect their personal heritage and they may even lose some objects of value in order to pay their debts. Don’t hesitate and make the most of Jupiter’s influence, dedicating most of your time in cancelling pending debts and organizing all kinds of papers.

In the months of November, December and even January 2021, Mercury in Sagittarius House will give them the opportunity to go on that business trip they desire so much, or forming a society that allows them to work independently.

Regarding work, it’s a positive period, and the natives must not let business opportunities pass. This date will also be a special time for friends, who usually gravitate enormously in Sagittarius’s life. The reunions and friendly evenings, with good company, will happen during the previously mentioned period, and the friendships will be strengthened. It may happen that from one of the many groups of friends you have, a future commercial associate emerges.

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Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope
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