Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope

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Optimism sets the pace for a fabulous year fueled by Jupiter in your sign. With this lucky streak going for you, 2017 is filled with potential as Jupiter boosts your charisma and energizes your zeal for new endeavors. Put this spirit of adventure to good use as you embark on your new twelve-year journey (Jupiter visits each sign every twelve years).

But Jupiter also can promote misguided optimism and encourage you to look on the bright side when a realistic view would be more helpful. If in doubt when faced with a major decision, seek a second opinion from someone you respect and trust. Then merge those thoughts with your own. Because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, a nutritious diet and regular exercise are especially important this year if you want to avoid extra pounds. Get the year off to a healthy start with a program that works for you. Stick with it! You’ll feel and look great!

Saturn in Leo, your solar Ninth House, continues to spark a desire for travel and knowledge. You may have enrolled in school more than a year ago when Saturn entered Leo. If not, there’s still time to take a few classes, study for advanced certification, or perfect a special skill.

Any of these actions can boost your chances for career gains in the next several years. You also might enjoy a learning vacation, such as a sports camp, a cruise that features visits to historical sites, a gourmet cooking school, or a weeklong hobby- or craft-intensive clinic in a resort location. You’ll also be motivated to learn and share your knowledge on a daily basis. Offer to teach a company training class, or organize an informal weekly session for co-workers. If you enjoy hands-on work, a do-it-yourself class can fine-tune your home-improvement skills. Distance learning via the Internet is another option to fulfill this year’s information quest. What you learn during these final months with Saturn in Leo will be of practical use from September 2 on, when Saturn enters Virgo, your solar Tenth House of career. This new journey, one of hard work and responsibility, can net rewards and increased status for you in the wider world.

Uranus in Pisces continues to influence your solar Fourth House. This phase, which began four years ago, signals ongoing change in your home life, with the most obvious outcome being relocation or home improvements—even if you’ve done so recently. A relative or adult child could move in or out, as Uranus can trigger a change in family structure. You also can expect the unexpected: impromptu visitors, mechanical or electrical problems, or a surprise windfall. This placement also has the potential for changing relationships with neighbors, as well as neighborhood events that could prompt you to get involved in local politics.

Neptune’s long transit through Aquarius (your solar Third House), which began nine year ago, continues to enhance your intuition and creativity. Both are a real plus for problem-solving and provide a spark for your imagination. Even better, this sign-planet-house combination helps you successfully merge ideas that are innovative, yet practical, original and far-sighted. This is an asset in your daily life and career, as well as hobbies and other leisure-time activities. If you’ve ever wanted to write a novel or poetry, or create a work of art, give it a try this year. Listen to hunches and the subtle messages that emerge from your subconscious. You’ll get new insights into how the past guides the present and the future.

You undoubtedly have experienced many changes since twelve years ago, the year Pluto entered your sign. This year is the last of this powerful planet’s long influence and one that ends much as it began: with the high hopes of Jupiter also in Sagittarius. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what you’d still like to do to complete this period of personal transformation to prepare for the new adventure set to begin in the next year.

.This year’s eclipses in Pisces and Virgo highlight your solar Fourth-Tenth House axis of home and family, and career. Change is possible—even likely for some Sagittarians—as you re-examine your place in the world and how to maximize your potential. You may relocate for a new job or promotion, establish a home, see an adult child move out, or take a more active role in a relative’s life.

2017 Horoscope

Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope
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